Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

I think the point a few of us are trying to make is you should have cancelled from the Microsoft subscription page originally - not cancelled the payment authorization via PayPal. Then you wouldn’t have had these issues.

I agree but are you saying that it’s not weird that you can’t cancel a subscription until your outstanding balance is paid? If it keeps charging you for the subscription that would be a real racket, you might not have the money to cancel but it keeps charging you for the subscription.

I agree that’s sub-optimal. I suspect Microsoft support will fix it though.

I think that’s a load of horse shit. Good to know though, especially about paypal. I don’t give MS any real credit card numbers (just virtual) ever since I subscribed to xbox live years ago and had to call to cancel. I know they have fixed that issue a long time ago but it still left a bad taste in my mouth.

Yeah, if the payment fails for any reason then the subscription should not renew, and they shouldn’t go ahead and charge you for it anyway, and then refuse to let you cancel the subscription until you pay.

But I do think a quick email to support should sort it out.

Two weeks free for buying a can of Pringles:

And you can use two of them! This might be the first food tie-in promotion I’m excited about. There’s something about paying the least amount possible for game pass that really motivates me.

Call of the Sea is up now. And Starbound too.

Enough Cyberpunk, I want to know if Call of the Sea is good or not!

Reviews are confusing, as I see 6.5-7-8-9 scores right now.

Downloading now, but…yeah. Cyberpunk. I will prioritize that unless it is so buggy on my PC that I decide to postpone it.
IGN review was a nice 9 though.

I spent several hours with it last night. Think I’m in the last section, and honestly not sure I feel like finishing. I like the idea, but the execution lacks in a number of ways.

Movement is too slow. You can sprint, but it is still slow enough to be annoying, and they make you hold down the sprint button 🙄. Don’t get me started on climbing ladders.

This is like a classic adventure game, though there are no obscure items used to solve puzzles, which is good. Some items can be taken, others can’t, often for no obvious reason. The puzzles themselves are…okay I guess. Nothing super inventive, which is good I suppose, because if you get stuck, there’s nothing to guide you. I was hoping for something a bit more organic here (like Witness), but it’s nothing like that, which leads to another issue.

The expedition she is following conveniently set up base camps in 10 different places, so they can drip feed you clues. I would have much preferred they use the symbology they created and build on it throughout, but pretty much every puzzle consists of find 4 things toPut on your sketchbook then find the clue which provides the key on how to order them. The key is not something you could deduce yourself, and can’t solve the puzzle without, meaning there’s very little in the way of Aha! moments, more, “oh, this is what they want me to do.” If they had given you a way to puzzle put what the keys were, instead of handing them to you repeatedly, I think the puzzles might have felt more worthwhile.

Occasionally, you need to backtrack to one of the previous camps, which is a bother because of the slow movement.

Logically, some of the puzzles make sense as to why they exist. Others are obviously there simply to hamper your progress.

Visually it looks nice for the most part. It is rather dark in a few spots. There’s lots of texture pop in. There’s also an annoying hazy effect (bloom?) that makes no sense given the draw distances.

There are other annoyances, like dialogue bits running together when sprinting. They also botched what should have been one of the best reveals, imo.

Given that it is free, it can kill an evening for you, if you need something to do, but I’m glad I didn’t spend 20 bucks on it.

Oh cool, Call of the Sea is up? I need to get that one.

Greedfall is out as of an hour ago.

Really? I looked yesterday and it said the 10th ? Cool

I was able to download and install it. Have not tried to run it to see if I get the “you’re too early” message.

It runs.

I was just browsing the GOG store and came across this which looked rather interesting.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to the full price what with 2077 just releasing and then by serendipity I saw it on the Game Pass app (for PC at least, didn’t check for a console release)!

Game Pass offers pleasant surprises nearly every week for me. Such great value.

Yooka-Laylee 2 also got added today.

This is a minor thing, but I really wish they would sort it out so I don’t have to allow each game to access my Xbox account when I launch it, I’m installing it and running it from inside gamepass, sort that shit out automatically.

Right? It’s so weird.

I was thinking I might really dig this one and it makes a good first impression, but I was turned off to it --hard-- within 30 minutes. I would love a difficult combat challenge with this gorgeous animation and atmosphere but I was fighting even the simplest controls and expected to execute high and low parries and even feints. No, fuck no, thank you, but no.

This RPS review nailed how I felt about it even though I spent (a lot) less time playing…

It’s a strong concept, gorgeously realised, with some great ideas and a lot of personality.

I hate it though.

I’m sorry. I really am.

The review goes on to suggest that everyone should give it a shot on Game Pass to see for themselves and I agree. I feel like some folks might really love it.