Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Yeah, I “bought” Season 101 of One Piece using perks. But I left Dragon Ball Super alone. All things Dragon Ball look really weird to me. I’ve never seen the show or played anything in that universe, mind you, but the art style just looks so ugly I don’t want to start.

Not that I disagree (Toriyama’s art style is a bit too distinctive), but You don’t get to make that claim after buying something for One Piece

I’m not familiar with One Piece at all. In fact, I’d never heard of it before. So you might be 100% right. :)

Submitted for your approval:



I don’t think I like this derail very much.

Glad to see y’all will get to try out The Falconer- I had a lot of fun with that one, though it does get a tad repetitive. It isn’t that long, though, so it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

I’m happy to try out Ghost of a Tale. That one has looked neat, but it was in Early Access so long (and I didn’t bite) without any updates, I kind of forgot about it. Speaking of, is there any way in the new interface to find [email protected] games? In the old UI, it was its own category. Now it seems to be gone?

That’s probably too much Team Ninja all at once anyway. The funny thing is I thought it already left game pass a while ago.

Yeah, I had already resigned myself to not getting through them before Nioh 2 arrived (the Xbox is in the family room where everyone shares the TV, so my progress on exclusives tends to be much slower than it is on PC). But I enjoyed the first few chapters of NGB, and probably would’ve gotten back to them by the summer or so.

Of course, by then the rumored NG Sigma Trilogy will presumably be out to complicate matters. I understand those are generally considered a downgrade, but maybe the new version will alleviate the problems?

Think I’ll go ahead and grab NG2 with the 20% leaving-Game-Pass discount either way, since (at least according to price trackers), it never seems to be included in normal sales.

All character action games are deeply flawed, so I wouldn’t fret about their relative worth. Sigma is inoffensive, just loaded with gaudy bloom and a second playable character that slows the original pacing. Sigma 2 is a different game that misses the point, but it gets rid of a lot of the trash. I still fire it up on the emulator every now and then.

Buying 2 is fine since there’s no experience quite like it. Keep in mind it might take a while to work your way through all the difficulty levels. Black is a little easier to stomach all at once.

There’s always the disc. It was no classic, but it was fun enough for me to finish. So, a mild recommend. Fair warning: LOTS of dick jokes.

I revived the thread for the game this morning after playing the tutorial area. I liked it a lot so far.

A game that got added to Game Pass (PC only) is Ghost of a Tale. I was pretty happy to see that. Do you guys remember when @tomchick used to stream games multiple times a week? I really liked this one back then, and was really impressed by it.

Here was Tom’s stream:

What? Damn, I thought this was for console, too. Now I’m wondering if it was ever actually finished on console? Hmm.

On the bright side, the PC version has Xbox achievements. And since it’s a game from 2018, I’m sure even my PC can handle it fine.

I have not heard of this, thanks for pointing it out. Looks fun.

Looks like Microsoft finally wised up. The “turn on recurring billing for a bonus month” when you redeem Microsoft points no longer works.

Does the recurring billing bonus not work at all now, or is it because you’ve used it too often? Nothing concrete, but people have said that they reckon you get 3 shots at this and then it stops working for a few months at least. Personally I had 3 goes at this and then tried last month and wasn’t able to get it.

I hadn’t considered that possibility. Maybe I’ll save up my points for awhile and see if it comes back.

Not sure if you’re using Ultimate, but if so, and the recurring billing doesn’t work any more then you might be better off redeeming reward points for Gold or Game Pass for PC and then converting.

Depends on your region, but in the UK, Gold or Game Pass for PC cost 6800 points and convert at 20 days GPU, while 1 month of GPU costs 12,000 points. So 60 days converted works out at 20,400 instead of 24,000 points if redeeming 2 months of GPU.

Again, this depends on your region, but in the UK you can actually redeem 3 months of Gold for 15,000 points, which provides 50 days of GPU. So, to do this 3 times for 150 days would cost 45,000 points instead of 60,000 points if redeeming 5 months of GPU.

The PC app is such fucking garbage…

Ok, at some point my external drive got weird and I think it ended up with a new vol id, it’s a fast SSD on USB 3.X so it’s fine for games. Now new games install/run fine but old stuff doesn’t run, ok no big deal just uninstall/reinstall whatever should be good to go right? NOPE.

In fact even if I change the drive to the internal disk the games wont install, they always bomb out. Of course the error codes aren’t on the Xbox support site list of error codes too. So basically there’s a bunch of games I just can’t access now as it wont even install them because it has some garbage buried in the registry or encrypted on the drive somewhere…