Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Unfortunately the Xbox Windows 10 app still uses the Microsoft Store to deliver games. You’ll have better success trying the install in the Microsoft Store app and troubleshooting the errors from there.

Could this be a registry issue?

Possibly but thavent had the greatest luck finding the right keys.


If I recall correctly, this where the microsoft store is associating the drives and volume ids and whatnot. I had a similar issue once, and I think I just… deleted the whole entry for the drive I couldn’t get to work, wiped the drive, and then redownloaded everything. Your mileage may vary.

Dirt 4 is now on the leaving soon list.

I picked up a Samsung Tab A7 last night and tested out the game streaming. I was laying in my bed playing some Gears 5 on my tablet last night and it worked amazingly well. There was a little bit of graphical glitching at times, slight lag at times, but nothing that really distracted from the experience. Now I need to find some kind of controller for it like the Razer Kishi.

Goodbye March 1sty

  • Jackbox 4 [console]
  • Momodora
  • Mother Russia Leaves [PC]
  • Oxenfree
  • Vambrace

Vambrace worth playing through? I didn’t like the first twenty minutes, but that was just a tutorial.

Nice - thats the exact same tablet I got a few weeks ago, mostly to read PDF’s on, but nice to know it works for this as well!

Hey wow, DiRT 5 coming to Game Pass already! And Code Vein to the PC!!

So as well and console and PC there is now Cloud to get confused by?

What’s confusing about that? Cloud is the XCloud service, streaming games from XboneS in Microsoft’s datacenter somewhere to your android phone.

XCloud is pretty slick.

I was just thinking that the turn based mode in Pillars of Eternity II: Dreadfire Ultimate Edition might be a great fit for playing on the Cloud. It’s turn based!

That reminds me, have they announced if xCloud will be upgraded to Series X or S eventually?

Yes, it’ll be upgraded to XSX at some point, but no date on that. Probably when supply eases.

I really enjoyed Eurogamer’s deep dive into whether Game Pass is too good to be true. It was a nice read, really looking at from a variety of perspectives on what subscription services could mean for gaming, and whether it’s sustainable and whether it can have other effects on gaming.

They may have done partial upgrades to some of the cloud stuff. I don’t know about everything, but the Forzas load almost as fast for me as they do on Series. When I had a X1S I’d hit play then go take a bathroom break.

I was hoping we’d get another racing game when I saw Dirt was being removed. Expected F1 2020. Dirt 5, sweet! Wreckfest is supposed to be pretty good too.

I think both @BrianRubin and @tomchick keep praising Wreckfest, so I’ll definitely check it out when it’s on game pass. But in general, even though I love all kinds of racing games, I really don’t personally understand the appeal of destruction derby type games at all. Maybe this one will change my mind.

It has destruction derby modes, but the main game is a fairly standard circuit racer that just happens to have a lot of destructability and encourages ramming.

It also has challenging AI that’s a lot of fun in races or demolitions. Very fun game.

Oh, yes, it’s great. I’m just saying don’t be put off by the destruction concept.