Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

It was only the first couple of missions. EA Play offers trials to their latest games upon release.

Also remember that on console it’s only Ultimate which gets EA Play, not the base $10/month console game pass.

Embrace the insanity. Dont play it like most driving games. Rubbing is racing, Sent them flying off the track because Brian is right. The AI is mean and holds grudges. Tracks with crossovers are my favorite. The straight up destruction derby races are my least but still fun at times. I’m not great at straight racing games but I can beat the shit outta the competition in this one :)

Some pretty big games are dropping off Game Pass soon, namely The Witcher 3. Last call folks, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here -

By the way, I do recommend Astrologaster if you haven’t tried it. It’s pretty short and very amusing.

Heh, I already own 3 copies of the witcher 3 I think… I wonder if I should play through it a bit on the series X before it goes.

Heh, too bad it wasn’t on long enough to get the ray-tracing update to try that out. But I did see that the loading times are much improved on the Series consoles- almost too well, as it can cause a temporary camera glitch because it loads so fast.

I noticed Elite:Dangerous in on GP now.

Ya, I’ve thought about downloading that too. I played it a while back, and it was cool for a while (after I got the hang of it and realized that you basically can’t turn at all if you’re going at high speeds), but it eventually got repetitive.

Some of the new features they’ve added since might spice it up.

I also have the Falconeer loaded, but I havent’ started it yet.

And I’m back into Destiny 2, which is sucking up all my gaming time.

Gamepass has too many games I want to play.

Such a cool concept with neat lore, and I really like the art. But the gameplay… boooooorrrrrring.

I can’t totally disagree. I liked it and enjoyed my time playing back when it came out, but by then end I was ready for it to be done. That said, it wasn’t terribly long, either.

I really should load up D2 to see what’s been going on since I last played a couple years ago (post-Forsaken, pre-Moon whatever)

That’s how I was with D2… I stopped playing it a while back, but had a few friends who continued carrying the torch. So I just jumped back in when we move to the XBox, picked up my old PS4 characters, and started playing.

A lot of things have been improved in subtle ways.

Inventory management is still dumb though.

This freaking app I swear. I’m still having weird drive issues, like it lets me select where to install, I pick the drive I want, it says the correct space, then apparently it just installs to C anyways. I noticed My C was getting low and that is apparently why, my game drive on the other hand space is not changing…

That’s odd. Never been an issue for me. Do you have these settings set?


Yes and it’s set to my G drive, the games still install to C. I feel like I’m going to need to uninstall all the games and the Xbox App and try from scratch to see if that fixes it.

That’s strange.

Have you checked your Apps in the windows settings? Problems with other windows store stuff?
You can move almost all the gamepass games to G from settings instead of uninstalling.

Yeah I have that issue with Fallout, it just installs it on the c drive regardless of where I point it, other games are fine just Fallout, very annoying

Another mystery reference. Not totally sure, most people are guessing Batman Arkham Knight, but that’s already on GP. There’s another totally out there guess I’m seeing - may also refer to Outriders, the soon-to-be-released game from Square Enix. But that would be crazy!

Anomaly is probably a reference to the Metro series.

Outriders seems like the sort of high profile but flawed game that makes perfect sense to get on game pass for both Microsoft and SquareEnix.

Yeah, anomaly could easily be outriders.

I plugged in the search terms Anomaly Mysterious Signal Game into Google and the whole first page was Outriders.