Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Possibly, but they’ve been on Game Pass before. Probably not really worth a tweet.

Pretty much all of the Bethesda stuff has been on GP before and it got a whole hour long video!

That’s just the tiniest bit different.


I think I had a high school crush on Melissa McGamepass.

And yeah, quoting myself here, but I wanted to add- getting it with GP is about how much I’d pay for that game. I played the demo a bit, unlocked a few abilities. But it’s inferior in just about every way I could see to Destiny 2 (which I’m recently back into). The only way I could see it being better is that it isn’t trying to be some sort of Live Service/GaaS thing, from what I understand. So I could play through, have my fun, and eventually drop it without a look back.

Yeah, if it does turn out to be Outriders, I’d play day one. As it is, I also thought the demo was pretty good and I’d probably pick it up on sale down the road, but it kinda feels like a lot of other things I’ve played. Guess I was hoping for a bit more Star Trek/Mass Effect, a little less X-Men in space.

Ooh, I would totally play some Outriders on (PC) GamePass. Square don:t seem like a day one GP kind of company though.

Ok, uninstalling my games, game pass, and reformatting the drive then re-installing seems to have fixed things and Game Pass now installs to G properly instead of saying it is then just putting it on C.

I understand the concept but i don’t get the “what do i click where” part of converting Gold to Ultimate. I follow the link on MS’s page and it takes me to subscribe to Game Pass. Is this correct? It’ll just do it for me? If so it’s not explicit in saying that’s what it’s doing?

It’s been a while since I did it.

Try this page:

Empire of Sin, Brenda and John Romero’s mobster-themed strategy game, will be making its way to Xbox and PC Game Pass on 18th March.

Empire of Sin, if you’re unfamiliar, drops players into the seedy side of 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago and tasks them with building a formidable crime empire from the ground up. The ultimate goal is to become mob king or queen of the city - a climb that’ll require a blend of business savvy, intimidation, and, inevitably, violence.

I’m not much of a multiplayer gamer (esp. now with having my mom living with me due to memory issues) but I’ve got a shiny new Xbox Series X on the way and I want to know if there are any intro offers for this, since I don’t have any Xbone games (having skipped that gen on the MS side). I do have lots of 360 discs (including my fave Midnight Club LA) but that’s not going to show me what the console can do. :-)

If you have game pass, destiny 2 is fun

Destiny is good… Forza horizon 4 is a must play. What scrolls online is cool.

Honestly, there’s just a huge selection of cool games on gamepass. Just check out what’s there.

Destiny is on everything, plus it’s kind of multiplayer though you can get some good mileage out of it solo.

Anyhoo, for Xbox One games I’d guess Forza Horizon and Gears 5 to show stuff off, assuming you didn’t play them on PC Game Pass. The Ori games too are pretty and the 2nd one got a 6k mode on Series X or something like that.

Yeah, I was thinking Forza Horizon 4 for sure, and maybe Gears Tactics. Also Control with all the new shinies (since I’m never going to get my hands on a new video card at near MSRP). Plus I never played Halo beyond 2 so maybe one of the later ones?

Halo 5 is the only one from the Xbox One era and it’s not really well regarded. The rest are 360 era games, Reach is kind of stand alone as is ODST, good games but not exactly going to show the thing off.

Does that mean not PC?