Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Yeah, the Zombie Army games are fun to play co-op.

The recent driving game that really does have a great soundtrack is the first Project Cars. It’s all original stuff too.

It might be the best thing about the game.

Here in Canada Costco still sells a year of XBL for $60 CAD. Can this be converted into GamePass Ultimate somehow?

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Thanks, guys. It’s working now. I didn’t reboot, it just took like an hour for the app to figure it out I had a sub.

It is still a little flaky. Glad you’re in business.

Yes. If you’re currently not a GPUltimate member, it will give you XBL Gold time, and then you can convert up to 3 years worth of XBL Gold time into GPU time, either for $1 if you’ve never done that before, or for $14.99 if you’ve done it in the past.

Amazing deal, you should do it immediately. At that price, if you play even one AAA day-one release on Game Pass per year, you come out ahead.

I think it’s probably a reasonable deal even at $15/month. But for the $4.19/month I paid, it’s like stealing.

I got an XSX just to mess around with Game Pass. Made it much more attractive, having a huge library ready to play with no further investment.

Excellent! Glad it worked out and enjoy!

Gotta give time for the servers to sync up!

Microsoft’s policy regarding refunds seems to be orders of magnitude better than Sony’s. Getting refunds from Sony was always like pulling teeth.

So this app is kinda shit, yeah? Games are terribly categorized (ex: Wasteland 3 is not in the RPG category). But it won’t even list all the games in a given category.

For example, Action and Adventure appears to be the largest category. Sort by A-Z and the last game in the list is Full Throttle. Sort by Z-A and the last game in the list is Star Renegades. Leaving a whole ton of games that don’t get listed at all.

Ah, I got it. Select All Games, scroll down to bottom. Scroll all the way back up, then scroll all the way down to the bottom again and the app will politely ask the tiny Azure servers running on the back-end to please, sir, provide another 20 or so games to the list. Keep repeating this a dozen or so times and the App will hopefully list all the available games.


Shortest honeymoon ever: Balasarius and Gamepass!

Nah, the app on PC is still in pretty bad shape. The games are great though.

Still no app for Android TV yet either - was looking forward to trying out XCloud via the new Chromecast.

You might have more joy on the website.

It’s all rumor mill, but there’s smoke about Battlefield 6 being Day One Game Pass.

I won’t believe it until Melissa McGamePass tells me.

I doubt if the next game will be called Battlefield 6. There was Battlefield 1942, then Battlefield 2, 3, 4, and then 1, and then Vee (or roman numeral 5, I’m not sure). Either way, I don’t think the next game in that naming scheme will be 6. There was no 5.

There are some rumors that the next Battlefield might be near future like 2142 so if that is true maybe it will have a naming scheme like that. Battlefield Day 1 on Game Pass would be an awesome coup.

Melissa McGamePass please.

Ahh, nobody ever mentions Battlefield Vietnam. Underrated as always. I also sorta liked Battlefield 2142 but It ran like shit.