Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

If the next Battlefield comes to Game Pass day 1, then I fear it’s going to be a microtransaction-fueled mess.

With that context I would prefer it coming to Game Pass the normal inevitable way: through EA Access a few months after release.

They won’t call it Battlefield 6. The buzz is they’ll do that annoying as shit title without a number like Modern Warfare did last year. Just “Battlefield” with “(2021)” or whatever year of release implied.

They should do a Battlefield 1944. I had forgotten they already did a 1943 I think.

The current new releases from EA aren’t in Game Pass day 1, for example It takes two isn’t, so I don’t see any reason to think the future ones will be.

It’s an EA game. Odds are good it’s going to be a microtransaction fueled mess either way.

The most recent one isnt a microtransactions mess. Unless you pine for cosmetic things to play dress up with. I suspect the new one will be fine.

Yeah, you guys must not play any EA games anymore. Sports games still have their Ultimate Team “problem” but ever since Battlefront II, EA learned their lesson with regard to microtransactions. It’s all cosmetics now.

They gave away all the additional maps for Battlefield V and implemented an in game store to buy skins for everything but you could also earn in game currency to “buy” stuff too.

Anyway, the only way that BF6 or whatever they call it is on Game Pass day one is if Microsoft arrives with dump trucks full of money at EA HQ. They’ve spent a LOT on getting this one right.

Oh, and it will also fill up your event log with errors warnings every 10 seconds. I repeat – JFC.

(There’s supposedly a fix, it’s pretty complex, and it didn’t work for me.)

Shutting down the Xbox app stops the errors.


I feel sad for sony.

I see that Zombie Army 4 has appeared on PC Game Pass. Sweet!

Have never once had that issue to my knowledge.

Game Pass coming to Steam?

You could fire up an EA Play game within Game Pass via Steam!

Inception Like!

Uplay coming to Game Pass, Game Pass coming to Steam, Origin going everywhere, it’s just a snake eating its own tail at this point!

Almost certainly not. Or rather, it might be, but nothing in that article gives any serious indication it will be. It’s super, super weakly sourced, and to the extent there’s any fire, it’s all from Valve’s side.

The interesting thing about the rumor is that it’s Valve that’s pushing for it, not Microsoft

I think if you look at Netflix you can see the trajectory for Game Pass over the next few years. Early on mostly older games and licensed content, as reach expands the license owners start pulling content to their own services while Netflix built out its original content. A lot points to Game Pass following a similar path, the acquisitions, EA still needing its own app on PC etc.

GP to Steam is interesting as Steam basically already has the infrastructure to just start their own service if they wanted, they’d just need to hash out the licensing deals.

I don’t see why MS wouldn’t be more than happy to integrate GP with Steam. Even if it’s just linking their libraries together and forcing people to continue to use the Xbox app.

Service and licensing wouldn’t be a huge hurdle, being willing to commit truly staggering amounts of money to buy customers like MS, that’s a mountain to jump.