Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

For me personally, I already bought Psychonauts 2 on Fig years ago, so I guess I wouldn’t need to buy that. But I would definitely buy Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 and Yakuza Like a Dragon.

I probably would buy The Ascent, Twelve Minutes, Sable, Scorn and The Gunk, and I would have already bought Flight Simulator on PC.

So yeah incredible deal even at $90.

Yakuza came out January 2020, so it definitely wasn’t a day one purchase for you.

The rest, sure, everybody’s different. I wouldn’t have purchased any of those games day one, full price. Dark Alliance I’d go maybe twenty bucks. Psychonauts is a platformer and that isn’t my bag, brilliant as it may be. Driving games, flight sims, etc, I don’t care about.

The Ascent looks interesting, I’d probably go $15 if it’s well reviewed. But $30? Nope.

Well I hardly do any day one purchases anymore, so that’s not the best metric for my enthusiasm.

I guess Psychonauts 2 and Wasteland 3 would count since I kickstarted them.

I’m the same way. Of all the games on that list, the only day one full price games I would have purchased are Outer Worlds 2, Starfield, and probably Atomic Heart and Stalker 2. That’s where the value comes in for me, $60 a pop. None of them are 2021.

Oh yeah, Starfield would have been a day one for sure.

Well, every other Yakuza game was coming to Game Pass. We already knew that when Like a Dragon came out. So I just assumed that one was coming too.

Other than that, you’re right that Halo and Forza would be the only sure Day One games from the 2021 lineup. But the others I mentioned would be good buys potentially at various price points.

Yeah, I would possibly buy into a bunch of them at steep discounts. I was just making a point on the $15/month.

Isn’t Age of Empires 4 on that list?

Yes it is, I don’t play strategy games. YMMV.


I’d pay full price for flight simulator, no question.

It’s back!

Code: 6DADSALE458

I look at something like that and I have no idea if it’s any use to me. Too many things with XBox in the name.

That egg deal is only of real use if you do not currently have gamepass.

If you do have gamepass already, the 12 month gold card adds 4 months of gamepass.

Yes like I said earlier, you need to wait until your current game pass completely expires and then get XBL gold and convert it.

Yep. This bit me before. I now have a Gold card waiting in case the offer still applies roughly 2 years from now.

Suggest just selling it to someone on the forums for $45 or something.

Might want to check out the Xbox E3 Claw Machine - you can win stuff like a free month of Game Pass and it doesn’t cost anything!

Xbox Game Pass Digital Experience: Game Pass Digital Experience

I won a code for 15% off something at the Xbox Gear shop, I guess they can’t all be awesome prizes.

I received the same prize. Starting to think that’s the booby prize!

I didn’t win jack!