Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Nice. Thanks for the information.

I cancelled and then resubbed to Gold for two years. The Ultimate Pass page still said $1 but when I logged in the price changed to $14. I went ahead and did the $14. It does say my next billing for ultimate is in 2021. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Yeah I think the $1 deal is a first time only kinda deal.

Still , you are good to go now!

Huh, sorry about that. I must have got lucky and snuck in while they were still working out the kinks around the public rollout.

I’m still kicking myself for not extending Gold for another year before getting the deal. It’s not worth cancelling and then resubbing because I would lose the Gold time I already have which goes to 4/21.

FYI, if anyone has a friend that works at Microsoft they can also get you 50% off gold memberships. I forgot about this until after I had already bought mine :(

I realize some people don’t like clicking things or may have a fundamental issue with using Bing, but it’s worth checking out Microsoft Rewards. I haven’t paid for Xbox Live or Game Pass in years, and they just added the option to use points for GP Ultimate.

Not sure how you are getting so many points. I use bing as my primary search engine and every few days click around bing news. I have 45k lifetime points earned but GP ultimate is 12k points for a month. So in the year+ of organic usage I’ve earned enough for 3 months of game pass ultimate. Even if I can go out of my way to double my points it barely seems worth it to save $15 a month (whenever I actually have to pay in 2+ years).

There are lots of ways to earn points. If you’re on Xbox, check out the Rewards app. If you’re playing Game Pass Games, check for any quests that game might have - you can earn points just by playing games (watching movies too, but I don’t personally watch movies on my Xbox).There are questionnaires you can respond to that five points. Probably other stuff that I’m not thinking of off the top of my head.

I debated between 1 and 2 years. So far I’m satisfied with my decision to stick to 1 year. I’m going to play some games I would not have otherwise, which has its pros (joy) and cons (time). But in general they’re all things that are cheap, or I’m happy to wait a couple years for a deep sale, or I want to buy them outright.

It’s also nice to play a demo of games that don’t offer one. I generally have a strong sense of what I want to play or not, but it’s always nice to confirm that I don’t want to play something.

For example: Mutant Year Zero, Imperator: Rome, Prey, and State of Decay 2 were all victims of the uninstall process last night.

Also, you get points back for any purchases you make from the Microsoft Store… So when you buy a game digitally on the Xbox (or in an MS Store, if you give them your Rewards email address), you get a small rebate back in the form of MS Points.

Buying games is for old people.

So they have the 1 dollar for up to 36 months thing. I read it somewhat wrong and did the upgrade to only discover I have one month for a dollar. I tried to add a 60 dollar card and it gave me 4 months of gamepass. Add this to the elite controller I just finally had repaired that the XBox App just fucking bricked for me again, and I’m 100% fucking done with MS and the XBox for a while.

You should be able to get them to fix it on chat. A friend of mine messed it up and they fixed it for him.

Oh cool, thank you.

They explained to me what happened. Then they didn’t fix it and were kind of shitty acting when I said they should probably let people know that this would happen.

So, if I only care about the PC, is there anything to maximize, or just get the 1 dollar trial.

If you can get a good Xbox deal then upgrading it to Ultimate for $1 will include the PC Gamepass stuff.

Add as much Xbox Live Gold time as you are comfortable with (up to 35 months) then do the $1 for Ultimate upgrade deal.

The full monthly cost of Game Pass for PC is $4.99 for some unspecified period of time then $9.99 a month after the “beta” period. You can optionally buy 2 years of Xbox Live Gold for ~$115, then add the $1 Game Pass Ultimate giving you 25 months of Game Pass averaging ~$4.64 per month for the whole 25 months.