Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Yeah, I’ll never buy another Microsoft console or controller now. I hope they’re happy.

It’s something to ponder.

Just tried Old Man’s Journey on GP, it’s a pretty fun, lightweight “adventure” game, though I guess it’s probably more appropriately considered a puzzle game. That’s where the Game Pass app had it, anyway. It reminds me of another Game Pass game I played not too long ago, The Gardens Between, because they feel similar. Better as a nice little pause or breather between deeper, more involved games. But still worth checking out, I’d say.

New games announced:

Note that only Torment and Goat Simulator are for PC Game Pass though.

Nice… Goat Simulator…

I enjoyed Goat Simulator for 15 minutes once. But hey, they won’t all be bangers.

Oh no doubt, the pass already paid for itself in my eyes with the upcoming Halo stuff , Phoenix Point and The Outer Worlds.

Well, Torment is pretty good. Or so I hear at least.

Now I’m trying to remember if I ever succumbed and bought Torment when it was on sale. Hopefully not.

Just added two years for $120 with Ultimate. It’s a big bite, but it just seemed too good to pass up.

Maybe I should buy an Xbox One now?

That’s the same rabbit hole I went in and caused me to snag an Xbox 1 X. Not having to buy games (since I bought Ultimate mostly for PC at the time) made the price tag quite appealing.

At the risk of being an enabler, you’ve already bought two years of online multiplayer and Game Pass for Xbox. Might as well go whole hog.

And yes, I am looking for people to play games with, nothing wrong with that!

Fine, you win, brain! I pulled the trigger on the $299 eBay Xbox One X bundle with NBA 2k17.

Yay, the QT3 Xbox Squad is growing!

Game Pass is brilliant, it’s setting up Microsoft in a great position going into the next generation.

Hey you guys should download Sea of Thieves, I really need people to play with. I am bad at soloing.

Is there an alternative to onedrive that is decent? Cancelling every possible Microsoft service that I can. Fuck them into hell.

I’m not sure why you’re taking out on Microsoft what’s very clearly your fault and was explained in at least two threads here the proper way to set things up - and how to fix it if like me you did it wrong. It even tells you the exact conversion rate and makes you agree before adding the time card.

Yes, I get that it sucks but you don’t have to keep popping in to let us know that you’re pissed.

Oh, did you fix your elite controller for the xbox app to brick it??? Did you call Microsoft and they were assholes and didnt fix it??? Ok cool!

Nice. With months of Gamepass on PC and XBox, you will have the joys and guilt of a backlog without the monthly expenses. :)

If you haven’t played Quantum Break yet, I would recommend putting it in your download queue. It’s mainly cool for the story and the actors involved. But it does have some cool time manipulation mechanics. Might be a good warm up for the upcoming Control game.