Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Google drive,, and others I believe but it depends on what you use it for. You should make a thread in the hardware/tech subforum. Lots of smart people in there with experience.

Good suggestion, did that. Thank you.

Sorry Jason, that sucks. Do you know how the app bricked the Elite controller? I have my Xbox Elite controller plugged into my PC and am a bit concerned by this. Is it a known bug or an odd set of circumstances?

It’s a known bug of which there is one “MAYBE” fix. I had plugged it in and it said it had a firmware update. I did it, but it stopped at 45% and just slow blinks constantly now. It’s not recognized by anything. I took it to a friends house, who has an XBox One and plugged it in (only fix known other than LOL BUY A NEW ONE!) and it didn’t work.

It had died the second it was out of warranty, and Microsoft won’t repair or even tell you anything about them. I bought a 50 dollar board and put it in myself, and it worked again. Well, until I tried to update its firmware.

That is scoring on my board because, well, who fucking knows. It was only plugged in to USB.

I realize this post may not interest everyone but seeing as I’m a bit of an achievement whore, I figured it was worth a look. So anyway, in a bit of a reversal from all the previous stuff they have released, you may have noticed that not all games currently available in the Game Pass for PC has achievements. Apparently while MS would like them to all have them, they’re allowing games to release without them:

But some may retroactively receive achievements post release, as The Surge did:

This is indeed a great deal, but I can’t bring myself to abandon the ownership model. I’m glad I’ll have better info from you guys about which games are worth buying though!

I think I am with @Bluddy, but nothing will stop me from doing it for a dollar. Well, one thing stops me, and that is indecision. Should I go whole hog, as some of you?

At the McMaster house , after dealing with Microsoft.


I even added extra time after converting to ultimate (thx best buy!), and still averaged out to $4.65 a month.


You can still buy games, just wait till they are on heavy sale (sorry developers). :)

I am considering joining this for a bit to check out some games I had never had access to since I don’t own and never will own an XBOX. Is it worth it for PC only? Going through the List the Gears games peaked my interest.

The only pc sub I’ve used previously is the EA one. I don’t recall games being rotated out ever. Certainly not enough for me to notice anyway. Did the Xbox console sub previously do this? And how often? I’m assuming it did because after I’d answered someone that they didn’t really get moved off the service all future answers indicated they did at some point. Still worth the buck I paid for 13 months of game access but I was wondering what the console version’s churn rate was and if they’ve said this is how the pc version will go.

After taking a quick look at the PC app, if you haven’t already tried/played:

Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon 4
Crackdown 3
We Happy Few
Cluster Truck, and

I’d say there’s at least a month of fun dabbling to be had. I’ve played and liked all of the above (well, maybe liked certain elements in the case of We Happy Few). And I’ve heard good things about other XGP games like State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Hellblade, Void Bastards, Oxenfree, and Wargroove. XGP is great for dabblers and folks who want to try out new genres or just new stuff they’ve heard about without the risk of a big buy-in.

Metro Exodus? Phoenix Point? Outer Worlds? State of Decay 2? Forza 4?

Phoenix and Outer Worlds still to come of course.

Both of em I already have on Epic preordered. I seriously had no idea this game pass even existed!

Thanks guys, for a few bucks I’ll jump in and give it a whirl.

Cancel that Epic malarkey!

It didn’t until this month. Remember, if all you want is PC stuff, there’s no need to spring for the Ultimate version.

Amazing. I just got the Game pass Ultimate to test out the new Xbox App…

and the first game I try to download, Shenmue, the download throws error after 4 megabytes downloaded.

Error code: 0x80004004

I have the latest version of Windows and all updates.

It is just mindblowing to me that MS still has issues with the absolute most basic thing ever such as downloading.

Are you having trouble with Windows Defender? Looks like something in the operating system has been corrupted.

I have no idea. I don’t think I have ever used Windows Defender, I have been using Avast Free for the last two decades or so. I naively hoped the new xbox app would be divorced from the insane way windows store downloads things and manages things but guess not. Maybe one day.

I had a similar error and ended up searching that code in particular. I ended up running a Microsoft Store reset command and rebooting and all was well. Sorry don’t remember the specifics it was something I did at about 2am. 😊

I can’t stand the free stuff. Seems worse than spyware, and Windows Defenders has been so on point these last 2-3 years, I don’t think there is a reason not to just rely on it (and it’s not like I’m doing too much that could get me in trouble, except download the occasional mod).