Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Oh yeah, I’ve had my eye on that one. Is this the Lego game that was originally for the Wii and used waggle controls pretty extensively? I thought I heard this didn’t translate as well to other platforms.

Played fine on Xbox. There was originally a “scanning mode” that made you point the WiiU pad around, but that’s been fixed with a perfectly workable single-screen mode on standard consoles.

Honestly, I feel like a tool doing that stuff while playing a game anyway, no big loss.

Lego City Undercover was great on Steam. Lots of terrific jokes and spoofs of stuff like Jaws, The Godfather, etc. It felt like the TT crew really let loose without being limited by an official license.

Janky and bad port though.

LEGO City Undercover , Console only. :(

How bad was the port? I might get it during the Steam Sale.

Nothing gamebreaking if I recall. Just typical quick cashgrab Traveler’s Tales PC port w/o amenities like mouse keyboard support .Expect to play with a gamepad.

No worse or better than any other Lego TT game PC port. That is to say, it’s hard to determine what’s the result of porting and what’s the result of normal Lego TT jank. It’s not like the console versions are super stable perfection.

In my experience the LEGO games have always been pretty solid as far as bugs go, but then I always play them on console.

Shadow of War looks like it’s available but I get an error on trying to download… Does it work for anyone?

Edit: Looks like they fixed this when they came back to the office :)

I noticed that the Xbox Game Pass beta app now asks which hard drive you want to install a game on when you click install for any game. Nice.

Game Pass people should be playing this tonight.

I’ve been enjoying Steamworld Dig 2 from Game Pass for PC. It’s charming and very pretty and I’m digging the gameplay, it’s not quite like anything I’ve played before. It’s enjoyable in small chunks between other games.

I’m on to you, @Rock8man!

Indeed… @Rock8man

Does it have any depth?

Blazing Chrome was a nice surprise. I’d just added it to my Steam wishlist, and then it just showed up here.

Oh yes, rock-solid.

Steamworld Dig 2 is one of my favorite games in the past few years. A fantastic Metroidvania with well-crafted hand-designed levels (unlike the procedural generation of the first Steamworld Dig), a great and satisfying set of unlocks to explore more areas, lots of clever (but optional) challenge rooms, and a soundtrack I still sometimes listen to years later.

This is a great game. Glad they put it on game pass, because I would have ignored it otherwise. I loved Contra in the arcades back in the day, and this is a solid translation. It looks great, and most importantly plays & feels great.

I could play this on PC, but I prefer this in the couch.

Tried out Blazing Chrome. It is very much a Contra 3 tribute, right down to the sound effects and music. Very difficult of course, but I’m quite enjoying it.

Well that’s fun.

Since today was the last day of my job I decided to wipe my PC (I had used my personal desktop for work). After windows reinstalled I installed the xbox beta app and started downloading the Surge and Prey. Windows update came up so I told it to restart.

After a restart the xbox app showed no games on the left rail. I went to click on the install button on those games again and it immediately goes from “Install” to “Queud” to immediately back to “Install” again.

So I go to install Vampyr and a half hour later I restart because I changed the name of my PC and the same thing happens.

So that’s 3 games I’m now completely unable to install to my pc, blah. The install button on the MS store also does nothing.