Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

I wonder if an artist will make one cent if I put a song on repeat on Spotify and just loop it 27/7 for six months.

Never mind that, how did you get an extra 3 hours in the day? Lucky!

I got 3 months free from AMD so only just joined and installed the app. Is it just me or are pictures extremely slow to load (if they do at all) in the application? I doubt it is my internet connection as browsers work fine.

The XBox beta app? No, no weird slow pictures for me.

Don’t forget that Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is included with Game Pass, and comes out later this month. Fallout In Space, made by the people behind New Vegas.

No mentioning of Dishonored 2 here?
Game Pass has become the Humble Monthly for me: nice surprises coming up, more games than I can play etc.

They add games too fast! I did finish Act 1 of Gears 5 though. I thought that whole Act was pretty well done. I’ll dive into Act 2 soon.

Once I’m done with Gears 5, it will free up 50+ GB on both my PC and my Xbox.

I still only have been able to get together with my brothers one Saturday morning for Horde mode, so that’s another complication. Should I keep it installed after I’m done with the campaign in the hopes that our schedules can once again coincide at a future date?

Yeah I haven’t had time to even look at game pass recently, Dishonored 2 and Cities Skylines are nice older game additions.

Also there are Game Pass Quest Rewards now?

I saw dishonored 2 on console and was hoping it would come to the PC one too. I’m excited, though I was also excited for a Prey, and other games I have yet to get to.

New Game Pass games coming soon:

Interesting, in that article they mention a game leaving Game Pass for PC. I think this is the first one leaving the PC side?

IIRC, it debuted onto Console XGP and is leaving both PC & console at the same time. Perhaps play anywhere titles were automatic adds into PC XGP.

Played it for a while around launch and did not enjoy it, so not exactly filled with a sense of loss.

It’ll keep happening for both sides of Game Pass, because rotating third party games out with expiring contracts is the only feasible way to stop the cost of the service from exploding over time.

Oh man, Blair Witch was surprisingly fantastic. I would have never paid $30 for it blind but it was well worth the game pass subscription to try it. I haven’t had that feeling playing a game since I first played Amnesia.

That’s good to know. I installed it but haven’t played it yet, and this is the perfect time of year to try it out.

I played Blair Witch for a couple of quests. But I didn’t continue because of the horrible frame rate. On an OG XB1, it feels like single digits sometimes. And nothing is going on in the game yet, just my dog moving around.

Setting aside the dollar savings, I find that this is the most interesting and valuable aspect of Game Pass. I have been trying out games I would not have if I had to buy them individually, which not only pushes me out of my comfort zone, but allows me to be free to move on from a game much soonet, instead of wasting time to “find the fun” just because I bought it.

I can also see how this ease of going in blind should help with spoiler-fragile games.



Interesting usage stats on Game Pass:

Wow, I’m actually really happy to hear the data is bearing out that Game Pass is good for developers as a whole and isn’t turning into a downward spiral of loss leading.