Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Yeah, I think it helps with corrupted downloads that get stuck but that F76 problem is different.

It’s a stretch, but the most charitable thing I can say about Game Pass is that I kind of like how it reintroduced these technical difficulties to the hobby after they were mostly absent for many years. It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment when you finally get a game downloading or working. And with some titles, it’s the most fun you’ll have.

You don’t need to have the whole game installed on the C drive, just the ini file. This worked for me, although apparently you need to manually set the ini file to read only every time before you launch the game, unless you set up a simple batch file. (I didn’t bother with this as one game session of Fallout 76 was enough for me!).

Full instructions are here:

What a gong show. Games For Windows Live / Xbox PC making PC gaming worse since 1999.

I find it quite humorous that they brought out Fallout76. Not only is it hard to find people who enjoy the game (even for free with game pass), it’s technically bad and causing universal windows store problems for everyone trying to see how bad it is.

I don’t know anyone who has gotten it to work the first time, yet everyone I know that jumped through all the hoops to get it to work stopped playing within an hour or two. I don’t know of any other Xbox Game Pass for PC game that has been so universally broken for everyone.

Thanks Pelwl. Welcome to the forum!

The instructions didn’t work for me to create the bat file, but just manually copying the ini file to that folder (which already exists and has another file in it) and changing it to read-only did the trick.

I was able to play and get out of the vault this morning.

So was it worth the effort @Rock8man?

This my third time installing Fallout 76 to give it a try since it released, and it still makes me sad to play it.

Not sure whether to play this and risk getting burned out before Like A Dragon. On the other hand, the combat will be so different that the burnout might not carry over.

I can’t wait for Y:LAD. At first I was like, “what, Kiryu’s not the protagonist, why would anybody care,” but now I’m all, “A middle-aged loser who’s way too into video games? Now that’s a protagonist I can relate to.”

? I thought this game is only getting released in August?

So I made the mistake of installing MCC again on nonC drive and…

Game works, but after restart or shut down, error message about offline storage.

Fuck Microsoft and their incompetence. Seriously.

It is. This is yet another example of MS incompetence. It lets you predownload few files but you cannot play, obviously.

Yep… figured that was a mix up, but a really stupid one that should be easily avoided.

Same with CK3

The Xbox app is developed by one guy in his breaks and he’s really upset about how hard he works for how little support from you guys. Poor Eddie.

They do that for nearly all the first party games for some reason. You could “Install/Play” Gears 5 months before it came out in the same way, for instance. And Gears Tactics, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and so on. In the message they send out, they want you to be “pre-install and be ready to play when it comes out”. But they set it up months in advance when there’s nothing to pre-install yet, except a small file.

However, if you do it, I have to admit, the actual process of installation and everything is taken care of while I’m at work. So on the day of the release of the game, I can just go home and start playing. I haven’t had any issues with pre-installed games using this method.

Yeah, I got excited/confused when I saw CK3 there a few weeks ago. I ‘installed’ and obviously it took no time and wasn’t playable. I poked around some more and did find the release date set for August 1st or something like that. It wasn’t obvious at all and took some time to find. I’m assuming the release date is there too for Wasteland 3 but not obvious. Just put a freaking ‘pre-release’ banner or something MS.

They’ve actually started doing this on the Xbox now, too. Yesterday there was a big ad for Grounded to pre-install, and then when I was browsing the GP games list, Carrion was on there, and that isn’t a first-party title. There was no note that it was a pre-installation, it was just on the list like every other game. So I installed it, and when I tried to play, I got a message about it being ‘too soon’, and to check the MS Store for details.

The issue isn’t the pre-install but that they let you click “Play”. You can see the actual release date under “Details” on the same page:


Edit: of course another issue is that they use the wonky MM/DD format when most of the world is using DD/MM. At least use the OS locale ffs.

Yeah. I did check the store after that message, and it said it’s available to play on July 22nd.

When I saw CK3 a couple of weeks ago (more or less) I was surprised and checked the details. I don’t recall seeing any date which is why I tried to download it. Now I could have been looking at a different screen that didn’t have the date. I see that the top part of the game’s page doesn’t show a date for the game’s release but down in the details it does. Nor does the square on the right with PLAY or Purchase Options. But I checked Flight Sim and it doesn’t have PLAY, it has Pre-Install and below that a release date. So MS can make it easier to notice pre-release, they just didn’t for CK3 and Wasteland 3. I don’t even…