Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Sorry, I’m at work. I can tell you in 10.5 hours!

That’s ok. I think the app is totally borked. Won’t launch any games, just crashes out when I try and launch anything. If I uninstall it, I can’t reinstall it because there’s no MS Store on my laptop anymore for some reason, and because I can’t reinstall MS Store my thoughts are turning to reinstalling Windows. A royal pain in the ass. I will try some other stuff.

I love secure remote access.

Re: Reinstalling windows. I know they’ve got some reset/repair options now that are different from the old days of Windows. I haven’t had to try it myself yet, but if it’s like the Xbox, you tell it you want to keep your apps, but to reset everything else. And it takes a bit, but then everything is better.

Yeah, looks like it will be necessary though. Just a whole bunch of MS apps that are borked. It won’t even open the photo viewer if I click on a .jpg file in Explorer. I tried the Troubleshooting / App Reset options, but no luck.


Same result as before.

Yep, nuke windows, or roll back a few updates. :P

Jeez, I thought we left shit like that back in the bad old days.

I use Chrome Remote Desktop. Browser extension. Super easy to set up. Works like a charm.

Thankfully, for the most part I think we have. These cases are the exception now instead of the norm.

I dont get it, is there some reveal going on today?

They showed off a bunch of exclusives. Most were pretty trash, but they did have a few big ones, like a new RPG from Obsidian.

RPS knows whats going on!

This hot take feels not very useful without details. What where the big ones? I missed it, so I came here hoping for some info - it sounded like several very interesting projects were announced, so maybe a lot of this stuff just isn’t in your own wheelhouse, I take it? Lots of free to play garbage maybe?

Holy shit, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Fable 4, a new Forza, Avowed by Obsidian looks like it could be incredible as well as other big, cool looking things like The Gunk from the amazing SteamWorld Heist guys make me think you might just be hard to impress. :)

Go to the other Xbox thread.

Thanks Tim, I’ll check it out!

Your brand of enthusiasm for games was in short supply in that other thread! I honestly don’t understand it. Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.

Can’t speak for everyone, but I was hoping to see some games and all they showed were cutscenes. Really not what I’m looking for when it comes to a console/games that are releasing in a few months.

Trying to make the decision between A) Do I buy a new console? and B) PS5 or Xbox? Showing an hour of cutscenes really didn’t help. :(