Xbox Linux project. The way of the Dodo

heh, that didn’t last long.

Someone probably greased his palms with a serious amount of dough. Anyone wanna call Bill Gates and ask 'im if he had anything to do with it? :D

has left the group over concerns about the direction of the project and disagreements with the anonymous donor who’s contributed $200,000 to


Can you say “take da money and run”?! I knew you could. Shit, I would.

Are you guys reading the same article I am? Some non-tech guy on the project quit, the project has an influx of money to help it become a reality.

So why is the project dying?

And how is the guy leaving because money came in taking the money and running?

So confused.


Enrico Kern founded and ran the project. he is leaving.

Michael Steil is the new project lead.

Enrico thinks Michael isn’t being serious, isn’t commited to Open Source and basically ain’t the man to take the Xbox to Linux-dom.

Enrico seems to think the $200K was a bribe or payoff for Michael to come in and throw off the work.

thus, comments like

Anyone wanna call Bill Gates and ask 'im if he had anything to do with it?
are meant to infer that maybe the person who would stand to gain the most from Michael’s arrival is none other than Billy boy himself.

you gotta take a lot of this with a shaker of salt: it’s the Register, which IMHO is nothing more than a tabloid for techies.

You rank it all the way up with “tabloid?” They don’t even have amusing fake photos!

Ha, when I started that you hadn’t responded yet Jason :)

ah bat child…is there nothing as beautiful as bat child.

(my old boss used to have an actual clipping of Batboy on his wall in his office. appears bat child has gone all techie on me.)


Correct. Very good that

And the reason I pegged BG was because of Enrico’s comment about the donor’s attitude toward Open Source. Now, else do you know in the bigwig club, that is Open Source-averse?