XBOX Live 13 Months $29.99

This should prolly be in Games, but I thought more folks might see it if it was here. Feel free to move if you are offended.

Games is the most read forum, actually. Appealing to Tom to move a thread is folly. won’t accept my non-US PayPal account. If anyone in the US is thinking of buying this for themselves, and would like to help out a Qt3 brother, please order yourself a second card. I’ll Paypal you the money, and when the card arrives, you can email/PM me the code.

But we should arrange through PM first so I don’t get 7 years of Live!

Woo! Thanks for the link, I just ordered it, luckily, I just now ran out of my free month. :)

Thanks! Mine is up in a few weeks, great timing.

No, amazing timing. Mine just ended TODAY! But no rush because my 360 is in the shitter right now.

Do they ship to Canada and do they accept credit card? Edit: No they do not :(

Looks like they’re sold out. Weirdly, my order using Paypal seemed to go through without issue, however I got no email confirmation, and now the transaction is not listed in my Paypal account. I may have checked out just after they sold out or some such.

EDIT: It took a while but I just now received both my paypal and confirmations. Yay.

Weird, my account doesn’t show the order in the order history, looks like we jumped in too late. :(