XBox Live "Diamond" card

If you’re a current Live subscriber that’s prepaid for 1 year on either XBox or 360, you can get this card which gets you discount at a bunch of nerdy places like Quiznos, Carl’s Jr, and Cambridge Soundworks.

Oh man I would feel like such a friggin dork whipping that thing out.

At Quiznos? I honestly don’t give a crap what they think about me there.

And it’s going to be a cold day in hell before I walk through the door of Cambridge Soundworks with anything in mind but scoping something out before I buy it off the internet.

so finally there is a way for yurm0msuksd1k to publicly show who he is and what he’s about

Don’t forget t3abagg3r and pwnj00omg2643!

I will sleep better tonight with the thought that t3abagg3r is soon going to enjoy a yummy toasty sandwich and that he will be paying less than retail.