Xbox Live Fees announced

We can stop with the “they haven’t announced anything yet” stuff now. It’ll cost you $49.99 to keep your Live sub, or $5.99 monthly. However, the Live Kit is now $69.99.

They also seem to be backing off voice given the comments in the article.


Guess I better purchase my Live kit soon…

I guess the system is the loss-leader, and those of us who buy the Live kit are those trying to patch the bleeding.

“Many of the games that we ship this fall will include two months of free service. If you buy Amped II, for example, you can just put in the disc, connect up to the service, and play Amped II on Xbox Live.”

Duh. Should have done this months ago.

I don’t see this as backing away from voice, merely recognition that every game should include a way to sell the service to impulse buyers from the main menu-- and that means optional headset.

You say tomato…I say…


"You don’t need voice, obviously. Voice is not a mandatory part of Xbox Live. "

That does seem to go against the previous “Voice will be STANDARD” mindset.

This is a good deal and far less than the $10/month some of the nay sayers were predicting. As for the voice chat, you can still start a game and just site and chat if you want.

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Seems like a pretty fair deal. Wonder how they will handle any MM type games. I think SWG supposed to make it to Xbox eventually.

PSO is nine dollars a month, I think. So I guess there can be seperate fees for stuff like that.

They’ve already said that MMOGs will carry extra fees. Phantasy Star Online has a fee to play online via Xbox Live already.

:x You win this posting round Cathcart. :)


I think SWG supposed to make it to Xbox eventually.
Very unlikely. Originally also announced for Xbox and PS2, but the console versions aren’t mentioned anymore at LucasArts’ website.

$50 a year isn’t too bad. The biggest hurdle Live has is the same one the Xbox itself has – getting the hot games. If they can squeeze out one or two good online titles every month, the Xbox may gain some traction.

It also seems like this puts a bit of a hurt on Nintendo. This is one more area where they come in last. Yeah, they may not be missing out on much revenue by not having much of an online initiative, but it further cements them as the kiddie system that doesn’t compete for the PS2/Xbox audience.

I may have to pick up one of those kiddie systems. I was in Best Buy this afternoon picking up Unreal Tournament 2003 for me and a Barbie game for my daughter. We wondered down the Gamecube aisle and spent 15-20 minutes playing Zelda: Wind Walker or whatever. Pretty cool game.


Yeah, I’m getting a Gamecube sometime this year. My youngest want it for a few of the first-party games. I’m waiting for the price to drop to $99.