Xbox live for old farts

The problem with that is all the people on my friends list from Qt3 play a game for like a week and then they disappear. :?


I was thumbing through a nutrition book and when I reached the section on aging I almost cried when the first sentence read “Aging begins at 30.”


Heh. Almost as soon as I finished reading this thread yesterday, I hopped into a game of Halo2 and was promptly driven off a cliff by one of my own teammates in a Warthog whilst he screamed obscenities and racial slurs.


My gamertag is Quadraspazzer. I’m usually playing with friends in Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike or Halo 2. We’re all mid-twenties and, though I can’t guarantee a great deal of maturity in our conversation, we are all interested in playing the games properly.

ha! I just hate losing to teenagers who talk shit. It’s much more pleasant to lose to people who are polite.

gamertag is ‘philosophist’, but I need to re-enable it. Is Splinter Cell multiplayer active these days?

geezer gamers by any chance?

geezer gamers by any chance?[/quote]

Oh I don’t know that one – I’ll have to check it out too…

I was talking about Seasoned Gamers. Sure it’s pretty much the same idea.