Xbox Live Is All I Do

Lately, it seems like 90% of my gametime is on the Xbox, usually on Live. Phantom Dust is pretty much the best game I’ve played in 2005 although Resident Evil 4 is way, way up there along with God of War too. I’ve been on Live just about every night this week that I played videogames. Friday night’s Crimson Skies game was a big blast of fun.

The best thing has been hearing everyone in person talking with the headset. Ever since I got everything set up and participated in the hockey and football leagues, I’ve pretty much been hooked. Actually, the first night I played the MotoGP demo was really awesome. I love fast bikes.

That’s not to say I don’t love playing games on other systems and especially enjoy playing with friends or the family in person. I still prefer that kind of gameplay to Live and travel to Cathcart’s regularly to participate in Halo 2 and fighting game matches and whatnot. We had a mini-tournament with the kids and Soul Calibur II, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart Double Dash on Friday before Crimson Skies and that was equally fun, but it’s nice to hop on Live during the week and have a good time with the like-minded people here.

Microsoft’s system really pisses me off because of the hardware failures and general lameness of their response to it. The second Xbox I bought has a Thomson drive and it’s no better than the first one I had. That’s rotten. Live is the key though. If Nintendo or Sony can build something similar, I’ll be there too. It’s awesome being able to find friends here and at the Gaming Age Forums to play games with, and when you play stuff like Phantom Dust all the time, that’s a huge win because it’s definitely best with people you know.


That’s great Dave.

Dave, is this the first phase of your plan to turn everyone against the Xbox by announcing that you like it?

Thats diabolical.

ps. Super Smash bros. and Mario Kart are a lot of fun.

If my name were Drinky Crow and I were posting at Gaming Age the answer would be yes. However, in this case it just needed to be said. Xbox Live is really amazing to me. I was very hardcore into Quake when playing on the Internet was something you scoffed at when you heard about someone doing it. I remember when there were four Quake servers in that first rudimentary server browser I downloaded way way back. I absolutely wore that game out online for years and many games like it. RTS, FPS, just about anything PC-online that was competitve, I probably played it and had years of awesome times. I even fought in a Quake Clan called Mayhem, Inc. when clans were just being invented. It was all awesome.

Yet somehow Xbox Live is better than that. It’s pretty phenomenal how that can be.

I often wonder why I don’t see MORE people from here playing games on Live. So many here seem to always be espousing their love for Microsoft’s machine and yet all week I saw a handful of Qt3 people except for Friday’s awesome Crimson Skies match (which I thank everyone for attending, even if I missed you because I arrived a little late). The Phantom Dust crew is decent though. I hope to be on there again tonight now that I survived a long weekend with the kids. I gotta see what new tricks Xaroc cooked up while I was away.

Anyway… this post is 100% genuine and with no agenda. I’ve been meaning to post it for awhile. The last bunch of games I bought were all on Xbox. Dai Senryaku VII, PD, Spikeout: Battlestreet, Riddick, Amped… all good stuff. The only other things I got lately were Gradius V (absolutely adore it) and Nightmare of Druaga which hasn’t even made it in a game system yet. Live and Xbox have been all I’m about.


Oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever played on Live. I downloaded some stuff for Links, and I looked around with Tiger Woods (and scoffed and said “screw this” when seeing some of the scores being posted), but that’s it. That’s no reflection of the system, it’s just that I’m a huge social hermit more or less terrified about the idea of playing a game with strangers, who can hear my voice. Well, not that voice part yet since I don’t have a headset.

Well, that’s kind of what I’m saying here. Come out of the closet! Live is the reason to own an Xbox IMO. It really does validate a lot of the games on the system that would otherwise be less than they are. Phantom Dust is a great example since the game is basically built around playing other people even though single player is enjoyable. When you go online, that game becomes an addiction.

I’m not the funniest guy on Live. I’m also not the quietest guy either. But you can be whatever you’d like and still really have fun. I’ve played with folks that just chat about this or that and others that are really into the game all the time. Bub and I basically used it as a means to make phone calls without a phone for GamerDad. It let him know who I am as a person and we got to play some football too.

Honest to god it’s the best $50 you can spend for a year of some kind of “service” for videogames.


I think Live is only as good as your “Friends” list. The voice chat (which I know you can shut off, or ignore, but I view as an integral part of Live) can be absolutely painful when you’re playing with complete strangers. As soon as I hear some 11-year-old whos balls haven’t dropped calling everyone in the game a pussy, it pretty much kills the experience for me. This is something I can get past with text chat becuase it’s much easier to ignore some text in the corner of the screen than it is some fucker’s voice in your ear.

When playing with “friends” it’s totally different. But a good deal of Live appears to be hooking up with strangers and that hasn’t been all that rewarding for me.

In short. More Qt3 Live gatherings.

Totally. I really enjoy Live gaming, but that enjoyment is in direct correlation to how friendly the people at GAF and QT3 can be online. I have very few friends that own an Xbox and even fewer that are on Live, but the forum folk fill that void.

I straight up can’t play against strangers on live anymore. Halo 2 was the end of that nonsense.

Dave Long wrote:

No I wouldn’t because I’ve said countless times on these boards that the world is not ready for broadband console gaming. You didn’t see me trumpeting the release of the broadband adapter for the Gamecube did you? I haven’t been on here raving about Phantasy Star Online on the Gamecube.

Dave Long wrote:

Another anonymous moron comes out of the wordwork to make accusations that aren’t true. I never said Gates would be collecting cans in two years. I DID say that Xbox will likely fail.

The system also offers Xbox Live as exclusive online gameplay and for some people that’s a selling point. But when it comes right down to it, if you own a PC, you can play games that are similar or better in the same genres online for free and if you own any of the other consoles, you get all those ports and many more great exclusives on top of that.

Dave Long wrote:

Sony and Nintendo rightfully don’t believe in online gaming in this generation. It’s a waste of time and a huge investment of money with little forseeable return.

Sorry, Dave…I couldn’t resist. :wink:

I remember those glorious days of '01 and '02 with you being the lone Nintendo defender and one of the few dissenting voices regarding Xbox Live. Things have changed since then, I guess. I don’t mean to give you shit, and I give you credit for being open minded and calling a good thing when you see one. It’s just that your post got me to recollecting…

Heh, anyway, my gamertag’s Galaron.

Maybe I’ll put a headset on my birthday list (I do actually subscribe to Live, I just don’t use it), and try to get over my massive, crippling, irrational fear of gaming with other people.

Live is indeed great, but the people using it aren’t. Like any multiplayer gaming, it’s only as good as the other people using it. Or, as GregB put it so well, it’s only as good as your Friends list.

I tried to join you guys for Crimson Skies on Friday, but was having problems accepting invites quickly enough (Why can’t all games be like Halo 2?). So while I was waiting, I joined a random game and was immediately called a ‘queer’ by some kid who thought my name was funny. Fair enough, since it is. But the game hadn’t even started and here I was, back in junior high having someone named EvilDanger642 making fun of the fact that my name is ‘Chick’ and declaring me a ‘queer’. Hell is other people.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stomach the indignity of actually being shot down by this guy in a game. So once it became clear that it was going to take more than ten or fifteen minutes to join you guys, I just played something else for a while.

Yeah, Live is great. Now let’s see what we can do about gaming in general.


Xbox Live is still financially irresponsible of Microsoft in this generation. They ended up with a whole lot of no one for the most part. I doubt they make any money on running all the infrastructure with such a small subset of gaming playing on there. It still wasn’t something Sony or Nintendo needed to do.

Plus, the way the Qt3 people play online, I’m betting a lot of people aren’t renewing when their time is up.

Obviously Xbox didn’t “fail” but it did end up being a financial mess for them. Now they’re launching a system early, probably too early, and it’s potentially a disaster waiting to happen. Live is really still the best card they have to play and they’re not getting people there in droves.

I’ll admit that Live is much more impressive than I ever thought, but I still don’t want my console to become some crazy do-it-all box and I still don’t think Microsoft cares much for gamers or games in general. They don’t have much interest in the artistic side of the hobby, just the one painted green.


Dave, I disagree on the ‘early’ bit. What do you consider ‘on time’?

Live is seen as a pretty major success internally… obviously MS would’ve been happier to have been #1 in this generation of consoles rather than #2, but who wouldn’t?

I think its a bit early myself. So far this year we’ve already had had the number 2 Cube game of all time (Resident Evil 4), the number 5 PS2 game (God of War), and the number 4 Xbox game (Chaos Theory). This is all in the first quarter of the year and following the embarassment of riches we had during last fall. And there’s been plenty of other really high quality titles released already and the rest of the year’s lineup is really strong, at least on the PS2.

What’s the driving demand for a new generation right now? All three of the above games are among the best looking and best playing games on their respective systems so clearly developers are still getting more out of the hardware. Even mid-range titles are benefitting from developer experience on these platforms.

MS is launching this year not because Xbox is all tapped out creatively but because financially they need to. Xbox as a hardware platform is a money pit for them and they are anxious to put a product on the market designed to ultimately be profitable, something the current Xbox cannot do. They are also gambling that by launching significantly before the PS3 they can get a head start that will ultimately let them either lead or give Sony a run for their money next generation.

I’ll likely still get an Xbox 2 this Christmas, because I’m a whore that way, but I for one would be fine with another couple of years from this generation.

Go outside, it wont hurt…I promise.

You mean like I did all day today?


You lied! I got sunburned!

I’m cold and there are wolves after me.

I finally found the box my headset was packed in, for the move, so I’m ready for xbox live whenever you guys decide to get it going again. Looking forward to calling Long a nintendo fanboy to his face. Well, ear. ;)