XBox Live Problems

Posted this in Hardware but it is actually a gaming problem for me. For about a week or so, I cannot stay logged into XBox Live for more than a few minutes. I have been playing a lot of Pinball FX2 but usually about 2-5 minutes into a game I get the message that I am no longer logged into XBox Live (which takes a lot of fun out of the game, of course, wrt to seeing your scores relative to others, etc.) When I try to log in, I get a long pause as it apparently tries to connect, then the message that there’s a problem logging into XBox Live, do you want to check your connection.

When I check the connection, it shows that I am connected to the internet, then after a couple of seconds says no problem connecting to XBox Live. I leave the test screen, then try to log in, and it does. But then a few minutes later, it kicks me out again.

This happens when playing games, on Netflix (Netflix is unusable now, due to this issue,) and so on.

Does anyone else have this problem? All my other internet connected items are running fine (PS3, computers.)

Also - what is the best way to get MS to check this out? I assume if I email them (if I can find an email address) I’ll get the standard check your router (done that - all other items are running fine while this problem occurs) do the XBox connectivity test (done that, see above) followed by a “well, nothing wrong with XBox Live, the internet can be fickle” kind of reply.


Is this a wired connection to the router? Have you tried plugging the Xbox into a different port?

are on wired or wireless?

I had a similar problem with a wired connection.

What worked for me:

  • unplugged the wire
  • leave it unplugged for ~10 minutes
  • turned off the router for the same amount of time
  • turn xbox off, also for around 10 minutes
  • reboot xbox, plug wire in again, turned router on and it worked again for me

Wired connection (well, wired via powerline.) I also tried it via wireless and get the exact same behavior.

Does it do this consistently, all the time, or is it okay for a while after boot up and then starts? If the former, it might be a hardware failure, you’ll have to get it fixed, MS charges $100; or just buy a new xbox, which this time of year might not be much more than the repair. If it is the latter, it might be a heat issue, check the temp of the xbox and the area it’s in, check the ventilation, clear it of any dust, see if it improves.

If you can, try plugging the Xbox directly into your router with Ethernet. If you still get the same behavior, then try to plug the Xbox directly into your cable/DSL/whatever modem (this may not be feasible of your ISP uses MAC address filtering). If you still get the same behavior, then try to borrow someone else’s Xbox and try it out on your ISP from your residence. My guesses as to the cause are

  1. Your router is flaking out in a way to which your Xbox has particular sensitivity.
  2. Your ISP has started interfering with your Internet connection in a way that bothers Xbox Live.
  3. Something is wrong with your Xbox.

1 is much more likely than 2, which in turn is much, much more likely than 3. You’ve already tested with two separate interfaces (wired and wireless), so Xbox hardware malfunction is pretty unlikely. Consumer routers are made of unbelievably poor components that fail in all kinds of strange ways. Consumer broadband ISPs are always doing strange things to their customers in the name of saving or making a few extra pennies. If the hardware interface on your Xbox isn’t at fault, those are the two most likely culprits.