Xbox Live Rewards

No, I didn’t sign up for the beta version, and I was signed in.

OK, guess I’m running a few days behind you because it looks like I got an update that has changed the Bing app for me too. My searches don’t seem to be getting credited to the rewards - hopefully they’re working on fixing that.

The Bing app went completely blank again on iOS, never was able to get my rewards. My workaround is using the Android Bing app which does work.

I was thinking about how some of you stopped the Auto-redeem thing, and whether I should do that.

It looks like I earn about 12,000-15,000 points each month. So I guess I’m spending slightly more than half on $10 each month. And maybe that’s encouraging me to purchase more games on Xbox live, because I have to spend that currency at least once every 3 months or so?

Still, overall I’m still gaining points every month, just not as many as I could be. Plus it’s not as if I didn’t want to purchase these games. The Summer games I purchased have been fabulous.

So I think I’ll stick with the auto-redemption for currency for now. If I end up spending my hoard of points on extra currency this Black Friday to purchase something from Microsoft Store, then maybe next year I’ll stop the auto-redemption in order to accumulate more points again.

I may reactivate the points auto-redeem thing after I’ve managed to get the little SSD add-on thingy. But right now, that’s my main goal.

I just checked. I guess I have enough points that I could actually purchase that. But it would take most of my points. It seems like a bad deal. Just so that I don’t have to shuffle around games and can have more installed at the same time, I suppose? That seems worth something. But 182,000 more points plus what I already have in my wallet? Ouch.

Now that I’ve actually held a Elite Controller in my hand, maybe that would be worth that much though. Hmmm.

The nice thing about the auto-redeem is that the $10 cards are cheaper that way. My plan (though I have no idea if it will work, until I have enough points accumulated) is to get enough points (100k? More? dunno yet, I’ve only got about 20k now), and then re-enable auto-redeem and see if it gives me 10 or more $10 cards at the end of the month, or if it only does 1 at a time. Remember that cards purchased with points DO expire, so this way I’m hoping I get the cards at the cheaper price all at once and then I’ll cancel it again after I’ve purchased whatever I want with the cards.

Anyone know if you can gamify the auto-redeem discount that way?

I’m betting it only redeems one card worth of points, but I’m interested to find out if it works for you.

My bet is that you’d probably be able to try it 4 or 5 times before I ever have enough points to try it!

No, you can’t. It just redeems one $10 card at the beginning of the month, no matter how many points you have.

I cancelled because it caused me more stress knowing that the $10 would expire in 90 days and I would forget to buy something.

Bugger. Well, at least you can get one at the discount.

One minute bing quiz just won’t register with me today as being completed. So I guess I’m going to lose my streak again. Stupid Cheetah quiz. TRIGGER!

I’m having the same issue with the 1-minute quiz. Also, the Bing ios app still doesn’t register mobile searches and I have to use my android phone for that.

At least I’ll never forget that a group of male Cheetahs is called a Coalition.

Same here :)

Try again. Just completed for me.

Booyah. And I aced that test.

Who knew Cheetah was an arch-nemesis for Wonder Woman, not just some weird random thing that Kristen Wiig chose during Wish Week.

Us. We knew. Because we are so good at Cheetah quizzes.