Xbox Live Rewards


This is even cheaper too. 24000 last time.

Kind of regret buying a few $ now. I would’ve had enough for two of them and everything I bought ended up on Gamepass anyways.

Hm, so I have 8600 points, and until May 15 to turn that into 22,500 for a year of Gold. Can I do it? Good to have a goal at least.

Well damn, looks like they dropped the 12 month option, and I was almost there too.

I’m still seeing that 12 month option.

My game pass quests went poof though. I was hoping to get another 1,300 points from those today.

You still see 12 months of Gold for 22,500 points? Could you send me a link, because all I can find is 29,000 points which is barely worth my attention.

It’s also in the xbox app. I’m in Canada though, maybe it ended earlier in the states?

Yeah, it shows 29,000 points for me. Deal must be different in Canada.

They’re having this sale again, but not on Xbox $ this time. This time it’s on “microsoft gift card” of the $5 and $10 denomination. For the same price (4000pts, 8000 pts respectively).

Does anyone know, is there a difference? If I buy this, does it still increase my wallet funds or not?

This deal is back. I’m a little less enthused about these ever since I discovered that they expire in a year. A couple of months back I got a warning in my accounts page that a certain amount of my balance was about to expire. That kind of sucks.

So maybe it’s better to keep the currency in rewards points that can later me turned into wallet money (which you then spend before it has a chance to expire). Especially in this new age of the Ultimate Game Pass.

Speaking of that, I wonder if they’re going to start offering that as a reward. And if I got Xbox Live as a reward after converting to Ultimate, I wonder if my conversion rate will be worth it?

EDIT: Oh wow, reading the fine print, the currency bought in this deal expires in 90 days, not one year. That’s really soon!

Looks like they’ve added Game Pass Ultimate to the list of reward redemptions. Going for 42,000 for 3 months going down to 35,000 if you hit your level 3 discount.

Woah, there’s a Level 3 discount? How do you get to this mystical level? I’ve been at Level 2 since I signed up last October.

Also, wow, that Ultimate is expensive, considering a year of Live was 22,500 when it was on sale, 29,000 even without a sale. And now it’s 42,000 for 3 months?

EDIT: Google tells me there is no level 3. So you have just mistyped. Damn, I was looking forward to a super-secret level 3.

Yeah sorry, typed that on my phone.

I’m in Level 4, but the first rule is not to talk about it.

Did anyone see the daily set of reward activities yesterday? I checked in three times during the day, once when I got to work at 8am, and then around Noon, and then around 2pm, and the page was there, but the daily set of reward activities just didn’t show. I did my searches and still got those points, but obviously my rewards streak since February 1st is gone this morning. :(

I liked seeing that number go up. At least I’ve never lost a streak because of me so far. Only because of them.

It didn’t show up for me until around 4pm. Guess they were having issues.

Shame about your streak, I have barely got into the double digits even when I’m trying.

12 months of Xbox Live Gold is on sale again for 22,500 points.

So, since most of us have converted to Ultimate Game Pass memberships, what does this mean for us? Is 12 months of gold at 22,500 going to translate to one month of UGP? 3 months?

One month of UGP normally goes for
12,000 points (800 ppd) for 1 month
35,000 points (778 ppd) for 3 months

So if 22,500 translates to 3 months of UGP, it’s a great deal. If it translates to 1 month, it’s a horrible deal, and if it translates to 2 months of UGP, it’s a slightly better deal than 3 months, since it translates to 750ppd instead of 778 ppd.

Oh, here we go, I found this on an article at Eurogamer after some googling:

So that means for 22,500 you’re getting 4 months of UGP. At $15 a month normally, that would normally be $60 I guess, so that translates to 375ppd. Which seems really good.

Though note that the 1 month of Gold and 3 months of Gold give you a much better translation rate into UGP according to that quote from Eurogamer. Hmmm.

But 3 months of Gold are not on sale currently. They are 20,000 points. So you could get 2 months of UGP for 20,000 points, or 4 months (double) for 22,500. So the sale on Xbox Live Gold is definitely the better deal if that quote is accurate.

I think I might take the plunge and find out for myself.

EDIT: Yep. It worked. 4 months of Ultimate Game Pass is what this translates to. Not a bad deal. Though in the future if there is a good sale on 3 months of Live Gold, that could potentially translate to a better deal perhaps. One to keep an eye on anyway.

Anyone else not earning any points this morning from searches?

I do have enough points saved up now for a $50 in xbox live currency. That would be good if I want to buy a game like Jedi: Fallen Order next month (I think it’s out next month, right?)

Anyway, it’s a tough call on what’s the better value these days. To spend points on more time with Ultimate Game Pass, or just straight currency that you can use to buy stuff that’s new. UGP can be had for much less ppd. Like I said upthread, 375ppd last time Xbox Live Gold was on sale. And the currency is at 920 ppd. So it’s not even close, Ultimate game pass is a much better deal at the value that they put on it at least ($15 a month).

There’s a hot deal option today.

3 months of Xbox Game Pass for 18000 points at level 2.

Let’s see, looking at the conversion table:

So that’s going to be converted for me into 2 months of Ultimate.

It’s not nearly as good as when Xbox Live Gold 12 months goes on sale for 22,500. Then you’re getting four months of Ultimate for that many points, here you’re getting half that length of time for 18,000.

So I guess I’ll skip this one.