Xbox Live Rewards

I’m not sure that this is necessarily MS Rewards related, but if you regularly get emails from the Microsoft Store, check your email for one that has ‘Order by 12/21 PM PT for holiday shipping’ in the subject line, mine had a $5 coupon included at the bottom.

Looking through my emails, it looks like I get emails from Microsoft Rewards and Xbox, but nothing from Microsoft Store except for receipts. Oh well.

This deal is back again. I’d jump all over this right this moment in the past. But remember, you have to spend these points within 90 days. I need to look at the release schedule and figure out if there’s something I need to buy in the next 90 days.

I would’ve missed that, thanks! Looks like the next big sale is mid-april, so I’ll wait a bit and pick up a few. Don’t need to save up for gold anymore.

There weren’t any sales on things I wanted before the last ones expired. I ended up buying a few random DLCs like Street Fighter for Pinball FX 360.

I hate that 90 day limit thing. I was planning on saving up for the Series X. Hope there is a similar sale close to the probable November release date.

Judging by this thread, last year they had this same sale on points in February, May and then June.

ok, just signed up for this. Did my 50 points of searches, finished my daily tasks and did all the quizzes. Got about 400 points for all that. Anything else I should be doing or just keep doing that every day?

Make sure you check the iOS, PC, and Xbox apps for rewards because all three platforms have different ways to earn points.

So did they just dump the game pass rewards? I had my goal set as the 1 month of game pass but now I can’t find that as an option.

Huh. You’re right, I can’t find it anywhere on the rewards page anymore.

Keep in mind, I first said “to hell with this” back about a decade ago for Microsoft points when they stopped offering Xbox currency as a reward. And yet, it got added back eventually (I have no idea when, since I stopped paying attention to rewards until @divedivedive kept bringing it up).

So it’s possible that they’ll bring it back like they brought back currency.

Also, Xbox Live Gold is still a reward, and that can be converted into Xbox Ultimate. So there’s still an avenue there.

I still see Game Pass Ultimate available for 3 months at 35,000 points, is that not what you’re talking about?

Rewards get removed for awhile if they run out of them.

These are the only 3 xbox related rewards on my rewards screen:

That is all I see too. It might not matter, I went to sig up for the 3 months of game pass for $1 deal but even though I have Microsoft credit to cover it, it is forcing me to put a credit card in.

I got around that by putting in paypal. Functionally the same, I suppose, but it’s easy to reverse/cancel on the paypal website.

I see this, but not on the reward page but rather at the bottom of my earn page. I don’t often go to the reward page unless I know some good deal is going on.


MS Gift cards are on sale this time.

4000 points for $5
8000 points for $10

The 8000 point one already says there’s limited quantities remaining.

Remember, only get it if there’s something you want to buy with the money now. The money will expire in 90 days (3 months), but the points don’t expire. So it’s best to keep the rewards in points unless there’s something on sale on Xbox Live right now you want to get.

I had no idea gift cards ever expired. I need to start reading fine print.

Hahahah. Has anyone fired up the Xbox Game Pass app today on your phone? For March it looks like they drastically reduced rewards for doing Game Pass quests. Like checking into the app daily and playing a game pass game daily went from 15 points to 5 points. And finishing a bunch of quests for the whole month went from a reward of 1000 to 100 points. So basically it’s not worth loading up anymore.

I’m actually kind of relieved. Firing up a game pass game every day, trying to get an achievement in one every week or so was starting to feel too regimented. Now I can still do those things, but on my own time table.

Sucks they dropped the rewards to 5 points, not worth doing now.