Xbox Live Rewards

Just got the email that my $10 went through.

It’s this the same thing that i earn points on xbox for playing gamepass games and stuff?

You are getting 10$ free? I never seen to earn much of anything.

It’s not free, just discounted. They take I think 9000 points out of your account at the first of the month and you get a $10 credit.

I don’t earn anywhere close to 9000 points. I think I’ve earned like 1700 in a few months.

Go to this website every morning and do a few bing searches in Microsoft Edge every day and on your phone.

Microsoft account | Rewards Dashboard

That, combined with the stuff you do on the Xbox is more than enough to earn more than 8750 points a month.

(You can go to the “Status” tab on the website and see how much you earned last 7 days. I earned 4148 points so far this week).

The Game Pass app (on Xbox and phone) has one set of quests that are worth points. This is small but adds up if you pay attention to it. Maybe 2500 points a month if you’re playing most days and playing the specific games they highlight in the weekly quests.

The Microsoft Rewards app (only on console, no way to access this from phone or PC) has the biggest return for the smallest amount of time. In the upper right there are events highlighting particular charities or other topics, that have trivial requirements like getting achievements in any game or clicking on a store page. These are 500-2000 each, and rotate weekly, biweekly, or monthly, so you can get around 4,000 a month with minimal effort. There are also weekly tasks that work out to 1500 or so a month if you keep a streak going. And if you’re going to buy a new release game or spend $50 in a major sale there are often quests to get 10% back in points.

Finally, there is the generic MS Rewards via app or browser. This works out to about 2,500 per month if you do the daily quiz activities without dropping the streak, which can be annoying. And probably around 8,000 a month if you max out on daily Bing searches, or a fraction of that through natural search usage.

Obviously, your call on how much of your time you’re willing to put in to get a $10 a month credit.

Wow, I just got the email that my $10 certificate went through. Five days late? Good thing I wasn’t waiting on that to buy stuff.

edit: and I got credited twice, for two $10 certificates. Think I’ll see if I can get one reversed, I’d prefer to use the points for Game Pass, but it’s not really the end of the world if I can’t.

Just read your post and checked my email and I also got double billed. I didn’t notice the email because the email didn’t get forwarded to my main account even though I have it set up to forward my mail. Buggy just as you would expect from MS.

The receipt email has a link to support, you can log a ticket to ask to reverse one of the credits. That’s what I’m doing anyway.

10k gamerscore thing again until the end of May.

Maybe I can actually do it this time!

Activate it in the rewards app on Xbox before achievement hunting.

my only friend on the list who will get there is divedivedive (I have no idea how he does it)

Basically, I save up my easy games for these kind of challenges. There are plenty on Game Pass too, stuff like Donut County and Rain on Your Parade don’t take long to get through, maybe a few hours each.

I think I used most of the arrows in my “easy game” quiver last time they did this. I think I got around 5000 points or something, which is amazing for me.

But I’ll see if I can scrounge up any easy finishes in my game library this time, but I don’t think I’ve got anything obvious left.

Maybe this article would help you find easy games you haven’t tried? I’ve played most of them and they’re all pretty good too.

Might be something worthwhile in the recent GWGs.
… maybe I just want a reason to play Truck Racing.

I’ll post any easy, fun ones I come across.

TrueAchievements is all over it.

Did you 100% that game?

I looked at the achievement list and one of them sounds horrible.

No I didn’t, at a certain point you need to go back through the levels in new game plus, and I didn’t really feel up to it. I liked the game but once was enough.

I got my first achievement of the week. 25 points! (plus 50 for getting an achievement today).

It has begun!

So I’m looking at Surviving Mars, knowing that it’s leaving Game Pass in the near future, and I am wondering … maybe now it’s time to cheat. I know there are mods out there you can download that allow you to get the entire 1000 points in a matter of minutes. Lots of people have done it, and during this 10K game-a-palooza whatever, it actually earns you real money.

But I can’t. And it’s kind of silly I know, but my achievement list means something to me. I think of it as a scrapbook, or a kind of crazy quilt I’ve been knitting that bookmarks my life in games over the years. And I’m not going to claim I haven’t taken advantage of exploits, stuff that might even be considered (gasp!) cheating in some circles. But I have at least played and, to varying degrees, enjoyed those games. The idea of booting up a game and just running a script or mod to just give me all the achievements just seems to be missing the point of all this.

But that’s just me, I’m not about to tell anybody else how they should do things, or sit in judgment of those who do grab the achievements without playing. Like I said, the fact that there’s actual money involved blurs the line such that I have given it serious thought. But today at least, as I have the previous times I’ve thought about this, I’m going to say no.