Xbox live rocks my socks

So I just got home from BB a little while ago and signed up for xbox live.

I popped Halo 2 in the drive and started playing rumble pit… and was promptly spanked hard by a bunch of squeaky voiced teenagers. In the post-game stats room, I told the kids “good game.” One of the more active pubescent trash talkers still in the room said “what’s the matter with your headpiece, dude, you sound like you’re 40.”

My second game wasn’t any more competitive for me but I was informed by a sneering teenager that I am a “newb” and that he “owned” me.

Now that I had my sea-legs, so to speak, I went on to play a few more games (I had somehow advanced from level 1 to level 3 without winning either of my first two matches) and got some nice killing sprees going.

I’m hooked. I haven’t even been online with any friends yet and I’m hooked on xbox live just from playing with a bunch of pimple-faced latchkey kids.

My gamertag is “Monster DB” if any of you want to “own” a “newb” sometime.


The proper response is, “Thanks man, 'cause I’m 60!”

“Glad I didn’t have to beg my parents for the Xbox!”

Ryan, it depends on the time of the day you’re playing. My best friend is 27, I’m about to turn 33. We don’t usually run into too many kids/teens after 10pm. And even before that, we have noticed that the higher level players don’t talk much or trash unless teammates talk strategy/tactical moves. Give your experience a little more time - Live is not overrun by dumb little shits.

I’ve actually been enjoying my games against dumb little shits more than against mature gamers. Why, you ask? Because the dumb little shits aren’t very good so I can beat them. When I wind up in a game of less twitchy folks I get absolutely destroyed. I keep bouncing between level 4 and level 6.



That’s awesome!