XBOX Live: Settlers of Catan tomorrow! (Wednesday)

Never played Catan before, but am interested in playing now.

Play with random people? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Eh, it’s fine for games like Uno or Worms. You get casual players who just want to have a good time. Nobody gets called a fag or throws a hissy fit.

Not when I downloaded it, there wasn’t.

Yeah there wasn’t this morning. I believe it’s fixed now.

I guess I grabbed it before they took it down. :P

Schmidt and Snarglebargle and I got a multiplayer game in (though Schmidt had to leave before the end; the AI took over for him and got clobbered). Good stuff. We all lost connection the first time we tried to launch the game, but after that it we had no problems.

I think this game is likely to have some staying power, if only because it’s Catan. Everyone on the planet plays the boardgame, which has been wildly popular for over a decade now.

I just played the tutorial and one full multiplayer game - great stuff. The fancy graphics look great, but they they make it a lot harder to read the board easily - I think I prefer the plain graphics for that reason.

Yeah, I agree. At the very least, the numbers should have been a toggle–something that you can leave on all the time if you want to (which you would). And I’m not sure why the 6s and 8s aren’t in red in that skin, but they should be. Making the roads easier to see is something that you’d think they would have caught in testing. The white and red roads, in particular, seem to really disappear into the landscape.

The basic skin, though, is very functional. I suspect that’s the one everyone will end up using.

I have and I am in for playing some tonight.

(And for the record, I’m always up for Worms or Uno.)

I dunno. One of my more surreal moments in playing random Uno was hitting someone with three or four Draw 4’s in rapid succession by pure random draw; problem was he tried to call out each one as a bluff. None of them were, so they turned into draw 8’s instead. The last time it happened, there’s an explosive “oh you motherFUCKER!” and he disconnects.

This was followed by snickering from the rest of us, of course.

But it is true that’s about the only time I saw Uno treated as Serious Business.

In the AI’s defense, I was playing pretty horribly before I left. I’ve completely forgotten any and all strategy I used to have from the board game.

Gonna grab it in a couple hours. Looking forward to checking it out.

How long does a MP online game take?

After further play I’ve more or less gotten used to the fancy graphic interface. Some simple changes could improve it a lot though - widen the roads so they’re more visible, switch either the red or the orange to something a little more distinct (I find it hard to tell the difference on the cities), and then I think you’d be fine.

I want to say that ours took… hmm. Maybe 45 minutes? It definitely moves along faster than the tabletop game. It might have been a little longer. It went faster once we started to get the hang of things, so I think you will probably be looking at 30-45 minute games once people know what they are doing.

Someone mentioned not holding more than 7 cards in your hand - what rule is that? I found myself with 16 cards at the start of a hand and spent most of them, figuring something bad would happen if I ended my turn with more than 7 cards or something…

If you roll a 7 with 8 or more cards in your hand, you’re forced to discard half of them.

Ah I see, thanks.

So… I’ve never played this Catan game, or indeed heard of it until about 2 months ago. Will this XBLA game please me? Does it give generous tutelage?

Sure does. Simple game to grasp, but I’m betting it’s tough to master. :-)