Xbox Live top 25 (week of 7/18)

Interesting stats on the xbox live site. They rank the worldwide top 25 based on number of people playing and also show the rank for those games in the US only.

Forza is #4 worldwide, but #9 in the US. Other notables are PGR2 at #19 and Pro Evolution Soccer at #21 and DOA:Ultimate at #23 but not showing on the top 25 for the US. I guess people outside America do play XBox Live to make that kind of a dent in the rankings.

I’m sure Phantom Dust is #26.

Yeah, it breaks my heart to see Phantom Dust excluded, especially at the expense of stuff like DOA and Tournament Paintball, but it isn’t really surprising.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat™? That’s not even out yet, right?

There’s a single-level demo out for it.