Xbox Live Weds 11/08 - Contra

From the MS PR mill…

The Konami Code Returns! Contra on Xbox Live® Arcade for Xbox 360™

Relive the fight to stop the destruction of humanity in Konami’s classic side-scrolling shoot ‘em up, “Contra”, available on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 for download beginning Wednesday, November 8, after 0800 GMT (1:00 a.m. PST).

Use veteran Special Ops soldiers Bill Rizer or Lance Bean to battle the alien menace Red Falcon and all of its minions. Fight through the jungle, frozen tundra and steel fortresses in 8 challenging game levels. Gamers depend on high-tech weapons including the Mini Laser, the Fireball and the Spread Gun in their fight to protect the world.

“Contra” for Xbox Live Arcade includes enhanced graphics and sound and also features new multiplayer cooperative gameplay, allowing you and a buddy to work together from either the same console or through Xbox Live.

“Contra” is available worldwide for 400 Microsoft Points.


Players can opt to play the original arcade game or play in the enhanced mode with improved graphics and sounds
Xbox Live Multiplayer: Battle all 8 levels together over Xbox Live, or locally on the same console
Xbox Live features: Players can see how they rank against their friends with worldwide leaderboards and achievements
12 achievements: “Contra” offers achievements which range from straightforward to challenging for players of all skill levels
New visuals: Enjoy enhanced artwork including rendered new bullet effects and explosions

contra co-op over live. yes.

I’m happy for co op on the same screen. Something else I can play with my kids.

Most definitely yes.

Another crappy release. Sigh.

Where’s Bionic Commando?

I agree. Well, sort of. While I wouldn’t call it crappy (it is Contra and co-op after all), it is disappointing. I’d like for marketplace to start offering more games like Doom and Darwania (which supposedly is coming).

The truth is that the vast majority of the games on arcade just don’t appeal to me. I know it’s supposed to be a haven for the more casual gamer - but c’mon, diversify the product offerings a bit.

With both Wii and Sony offerings soon to come, XBLA should be making the most of its year long head start. Instead, I can’t help but feel that it’s still an element of LIVE that has a lot of potential - but just ain’t quite there yet.

If it is lag-free, sure Contra over Live could be pretty cool. Contra is a fast paced game which requires a lot of precision to survive. It is also very unforgiving. This could easily be unplayable with the amount of lag your average game has over Xbox Live.

2 cents:

  1. Screw Doom. It didn’t age well with the lousy controls and graphics.
  2. Contra co-op is awesome. Thank you, XBL.

Also for Stroker Ace, Bionic Commando is part of a GBA greatest hits compilation. The other games on the cart are forgettable though. I’m also hoping for a BC realease on XBL.

They need to get on the ball and get some more original content out. Where’s Small Arms, Roboblitz, Mutant Storm Empires, Hoopworld etc?

It takes longer to make original games than to port old games?

Lance Bean

You’re shittin’ me. Awesome.

Where the hell are my board games? Settlers, Carcasone, Allahambra, Ticket to Ride???

Snap to it, MS! I’ve got virtual dice to roll!

“The Konami Code Returns” is a dumbfuck headline for the ARCADE version of Contra.

that said, YAY!

Though “The Code” wasn’t in the arcade release, it is in the XBLA version. So not THAT dumb.

I’ll get it, but at the same time i’d rather be spending my points on the indie games that are supposed to be hitting XBLA sometime soon. I’m really looking forward to Castle Crashers, along with the aforementioned Small-Arms and such.

Also, is Rush-N-Attack ever coming to XBLA? I have this notion that it will (thus saving 400 points for it), but i’m not sure if it was from an official press release, or some random person on GameFAQs.

Castle Crashers is a 2007 release for sure. But I’m really looking forward to stuff like Roboblitz and stuff, too. I’d rather see more indie releases. I rather enjoyed a couple of the ones up there now (Outpost Koloki X is underrated).

I’m stoked. I’ve got the code at the ready.

Arcade Contra < Nintendo Contra. Still fun, but the controls are more sluggish.

Does the demo last longer 30 seconds?

I can appreciate that they want to give you a taste without giving you the full package, but XBLA demos are usually so short it’s insulting and turns me off to ever considering purchasing the full game.

The Doom demo was especially insulting, since the original Id version included all of episode one.