XBox -- need a memory card?

Okay, my XBox is on the way… Gotta pick up the component adapter.

Do you need a memory card if you’re not taking saves/characters/etc. to a friend’s house? I’m assuming all that stuff can be stored on your hard drive, right?

ou definitely don’t need a memory card in your situation

No, you definetly don’t need a memory card. On my XBox, I’ve got something like 6 hours of music, and until recently every save game for every game I’ve ever owned, borrowed, or rented, and the savegame management screen still said I had 50,000+ blocks available, or something ridiculous like that.

I’d like to think that even the memory card would become obsolete eventually, if and when Xbox Live evolves to the point where you can trade saves/characters with other players over the internet.

The only time I used a memory card was when my original pre-launch Xbox died and I needed to transfer saves to a new Xbox.

It is pretty cool the way you can save your Xbox live identity on a memory card so when playing Live at a friend’s house you can both have your Live accounts.

That is what I use mine for. Playing live at work or transferring saved Top Spin characters or whatever.

– Xaroc