Xbox network card: broken?


I have my Xbox connected to my PC. Lately, the connection started to behave strangely: in Windows I got messages ‘Xbox is now disconnected’ followed by ‘Xbox is now connected’. But now it doesn’t do anything anymore. It shows up in Windows as ‘unplugged’ and the leds on the network card are off. I tried to plug the cable in my other network card, and using a different cable. That didn’t work, so I’m pretty sure it is the Xbox that is the problem.

I think the network card in the Xbox is broken. Does anybody have any advice on how I can fix this? I hope I don’t have to buy another Xbox. Is there some way to run diagnostics on the Xbox?


I would say try to connect to Live! and see what happens. Or if you have a modded xbox try to ftp to it and trasfer something.

– Xaroc