Xbox One Day One edition may not live up to its name

Title Xbox One Day One edition may not live up to its name
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When October 4, 2013

You're all excited about the power of the cloud, Kinect 2.0, and all the great stuff Microsoft says the Xbox One will deliver, so you snagged a preorder of the Xbox One Day One edition..

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Oh Xbox One. The road to release, and possibly afterwards it would seem, has been the gift of unbelievable missteps that just keeps on giving.

The onus of the issue seems to fall more on the retailers than it does Microsoft, since they're the ones that can't guarantee product availability. What this speaks to me is that preorder numbers are so high that the company can't make enough of them, which is great for Microsoft and for console gaming in general.

They may be laughing but it won't be because you bought the day one edition, per se.

Well if doesn't get released first then there is not reason as to why it is named day one edition :@. Anyway the controller looks great!