Xbox One Elite controller: anyone got one?

Shoddy electronics are just part of the deal when buying mid-high end controllers. I’ve read so many HOTAS horror stories but I jump in anyway.

$254.00 CAD pesos now.

Well, that was HOURS ago.

I don’t think they are bad so much as I prefer the style on the steam controller.

Still it would be very cool if I could get different ones.

Which rebinding software is that? Xbox Accessories tells me to go pound sand.

hrm. Maybe only on Xbox One then.

I know you posted this a while ago, but recent software updates have made it so that it’s kinda possible to adjust the deadzone:

Before this last update, whenever I held the stick in one direction and let it fall back to neutral, it would flip back too far, registering movement in the opposite direction of the axis. Not really a problem for games like Dark Souls, but for platformers like Spelunky and Axiom Verge, it would change the direction of the character–extremely problematic. With the above settings, platformers work fine. I would imagine that this would eliminate the kind of drift you may experience.

I tried an Xbox One controller at a store recently and I didn’t like it, which gives me pause about picking up an Elite controller. The sticks were a little light and it felt like the shoulder buttons were more difficult to reach, though I might’ve been imagining that. These are probably things I could get used to, but still.

The sticks on the Elite are definitely not light. The whole controller has a nice solid heft to it, sticks included

Thanks for the tip, Alan. I’ve been having that facing issue with Broforce and my elite controller. I’m hopeful I can tweak my settings to prevent that from happening.

Later that evening…

Urg, I tried a few different presets but it’s not helping. It still happens whenever I release the stick and it snaps back into place, its momentum briefly triggers the opposite direction and changes my facing.

Very sorry that didn’t work for you. Dumb question, but did you adjust the sensitivity with the slider? Still no joy? (Heh)

Yeah, still no joy.

I’m really starting to love my elite controller with Dark Souls III. I set up the paddles so I can sprint and scroll down through my items without taking my thumbs off of the analog sticks. It makes a huge difference in my confidence and control.

Yeah I’d love to be able to sprint with a paddle button. Maybe for the next Souls game.

As much as I scorned the idea of a $150 controller these Elite controllers are freakin’ nice.

Using the paddles for Doom glory kills is amazing. I can’t stand clicking in sticks, especially for frequent actions.

Yep. I like the smoother sticks and stuff, but it’s the paddles for games that require stick clicks that make it for me. Love mine.

The best is using a paddle as the run or sprint button in shooters like CoD or Battlefront. Those games make you push the left stick in to run which gets really tiring on your thumb when you’re also trying to use the same stick to move.

Yeah, I used it for the sprint action in The Division. Sprinting from cover to cover using one paddle, then trigging aim-down-sights with the other paddle, is super convenient.

I love my elite controller

It’s very nice. I’m tempted to get one, myself. It just feels amazingly solid compared to the regular controller, but it doesn’t feel heavy.