Xbox One Elite controller: anyone got one?


Refurbished Elite Controller at Best Buy is only $80. Very tempted. I can’t afford it right now, but I’m tempted anyway. Especially since my own Day One controller drifts upward so much.


Hmm yeah that’s tempting. Reviews show some quality control issues but Best Buy seems reasonable about returning it.


I ended up getting a refurb from Monoprice. It feels nice so far.

I just learned that the configuration app is only available on Windows 10. Fucking Microsoft.

Looks like the configuration might be stored on board, so I just need to find a friend or family member with Windows 10. It’s nice that Microsoft brings people together like that.


That worked well. But I’ve discovered there’s a high-pitched sound when the controller rumbles. This might have been why it was returned, and I’m sure they did nothing to it. A quick Google search finds all sorts of Xbox One owners complaining about the same thing, with any model of controller, even brand new.

I just checked my X360 controller and noticed I’ve never had rumble working in Windows anyway, haha. So I’ll just disable it. If I want rumble I can use my DS4 controller.


Worse even - it’s a fucking Windows Store only app .


It’s the dinkiest little utility application too. Surely an intern could port it to Windows 7.

I played with the rumble noise some more. It seems to be worst in the left main rumble motor. That’s the one that does the low frequency coarse rumble. The right side does finer rumble and I can’t hear the whine when it vibrates unless I really pay attention. So I kept that side enabled. The effect isn’t as nice because it’s such a fast vibration that it kind of bothers my hands. I guess I should lower the intensity in the app. But I kept thinking about it more and realized I hate vibration in beat 'em ups, which is all I play these days anyway.

The other annoying thing about the Elite controller is the thumbstick snaps back to center so hard that it bounces past the center point slightly. Depending on the dead zone in a game, it sometimes registers as movement in the other direction. Strange. Maybe there’s a way to tune it in hardware or software.


Are any of the non-Elite controllers wired? I only see wireless on Google.


You mean these? (I’m assuming this is what non-Elite means).


I believe any Xbox one controller can be wired if you plug in the USB cable and attach it to a device.


Does the controller come with a cable usually?


Lots of complaints about the cable in the Amazon comments… :(

Even though this is selling for dirt cheap, do yourself a favor and just buy the newest model of Xbox One controller (which has improved bumpers, sticks, D-pad, body, and wireless range, as well as Bluetooth wireless connectivity) and find a long USB cable. You will pay more, but you won’t spend more time wiggling cables than playing a game.


Also, is there already a “Best PC gamepad” thread on this forum?



I have both used ZD brand controllers and had no issues. They are high-quality knockoffs for less than half the prices and well worth it. I actually bought one for my brother for his birthday.

Regardless of the one you buy, it uses the Xbox control set up with the game, which isn’t bad at all. I got the PS 3 one, but it says X box on the games I use it with, including several star wars games, Rebel Galaxy and Rogue Legaccy


I’ve had two of those XBox One ‘For Windows’ controllers that I use uh, with Windows, and the cable has always been fine, I don’t understand the whining about them. Neither one was loose, neither was dodgy, and they’re clearly plug and play.

I did have one controller just quit working completely, though. There are plenty of other cables it will work with anyway. Reasonably sure any XB1 controller works fine with Windows if you have a (micro? I think) USB to USB cable on it.


Mine certainly do.


Stick with the official ones, which @Knightsaber linked to you a few posts above yours. Or just use the cable that came with… almost any other device in the last 5 years. Like your Samsung phone, or a Kindle. Any micro USB will do.

EDIT - I see, that Amazon link is the one where the cable that comes with it isn’t great. Odd, probably a fluke, I wouldn’t worry about it. Or just buy a micro cable on your own, they are very cheap.


Seems the newer version is better, Discourse won’t let me link it, but it’s on that page anyway.


My newphews were playing Minecraft together the other day; one of my Xbox One. The other on his Amazon tablet. I grabbed my spare Xbox One controller, plugged it into my Surface Book for the very first time, loaded up Minecraft, and joined them. Totally seamless.


Also note that the newest Xbox One controllers for PC support Bluetooth. I prefer to use a cable as I’m often switching back and forth between the controller and my Logitech 940 flight stick setup, but if you only use one controller it’s convenient.


I still won’t even really test out these paddles until late this year at this point.


I should cancel my order then. I bought one in November from Dell during a sale when I got my launch Scorpio, and the damn thing still hasn’t been sent, and now has a shipping date estimate of March 18th lol.

I guess Dell took a bath on the deal (was $40 off) and is artificially extending its obligations. Great.