Xbox One may be at your next project pitch meeting

Title Xbox One may be at your next project pitch meeting
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 11, 2013

Someday, you may walk into a meeting room at Aperture Science or The Umbrella Corp. and instead of a $3500 video conferencing solution, you could find Kinect staring at you..

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The link to the open letter doesn't work at the time of this comment, I get a server error on Microsoft's end. If this is true, I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous the Xbox One has become. It's almost as though Microshaft realizes nobody is going to buy their Orwellian console. But now they are trying to pitch it to businesses? This is comical!

All of this coming after the NSA leaks by Edward Snowden, revealing Microsoft is in direct partnership with the NSA in gathering an unprecedented amount of metadata from phone calls to emails to online searches and beyond, including spying of their own American people. Now they want to put a device in your living room and office that records everything, always on? Did I just wake up in the novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'?

It does seem really odd that Microsoft is willing to court every possible market segment for their system besides the one that made its predecessor a success. Maybe they just figure that Sony's already eaten their lunch there?

All we can do anymore is just laugh and shake our heads.

"help it rival even the most *modest* of video conferencing and networking platforms."

Damning with faint praise or vocabulary fail? The world may never know!

I like to think it's a moment of honesty on Mr. Lyons' part.

On the one hand... I want the ridiculous, oversubsidized, overengineered hardware on the modern game console will live up to its potential. Remember the Cell engine, years ahead of its time? It could have done so much more than protein folding, SETI busywork, and rendering trees for various Uncharteds.
Similarly, Kinect's motion capture and realtime processing could've been THE next generation general-purpose UI, the first step to Tom Cruise's Minority Report interface. Instead I use it to pause YouTube videos.

On the other hand, yeah, this reeks of the desperate fear of warehouses full of unsold product...

You have 11 seconds to comply.

Even with the opportunity to write it off as a business expense, I still don't want one.