Xbox One rumor scorecard

Title Xbox One rumor scorecard
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When May 21, 2013

Now that the post-show glow has faded, we know a lot more about Microsoft's new Xbox One console. We still don't know the price or the exact launch date, but we can talk about which pre-show rumors turned out to be true and which were complete crap..

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Re: The used game thing & the fee. If we assume it's true (not sure we know for sure yet) how does Microsoft (or the publisher) know you've installed it once already? Only if you connect online post-installation, right? So if you have an XboxOne that is never connected (is that possible?) does that mean you are free to install used games or give your games to others to install?

I think we need to start calling it the X-One (Pee-Wee's bike from Big Adventure)

Do the developers get a cut of the fee to activate a used game? Or is it all going straight into Microsoft's pocket. It seems a little messed up if Microsoft reaps the benefit of used and borrowed games if they are not the ones who made them.

Also, I'll be fucked before I pay Microsoft a fee to borrow a friends game.

A) Wow. I think that's actually a name that is more stupid than "Xbox 360" (though no Wii, granted), particularly for the third frigging Xbox.
B) To everything else, I offer a hearty "Fuck you, Microsoft."

So, that's two console manufacturers out of the "tempt Barac to buy a next-gen console" race. Sony, can you make the PS4 remotely appealing? Time will tell!

I don't think Gamestop shared any of the used game profits with developers. I don't think developers have ever got a slice of the used game pie.

I had low expectations and they managed to do even worse. Which is good, because I can now write it off completely.

359 steps backward.

That's cute, it's always nice seeing a mega corp shooting itself in the foot.

I would assume this is the new version of the online pass. MS probably splits the fee with the publisher or I would hope so. Not that I want this activation thing. Also how does this work with rentals?

Well, there is officially no chance I will choose Xbox over PS4 next gen. Kinect required? Always online (always updating ads)? Fees for that ad delivery device?

Ugh...forget it.

So you have to be connected once a day according to the Kotaku article/interview. I had assume it was going to be like Steam where it could work for months without connecting but I guess not. They'll probably change the timeframe of connection required but you would've thought with all the backlash against it already they wouldn't be so damn stupid.

No they don't (that is why I don't buy used games if I have a choice). But, in their instance they are the ones providing the service of buying back games to resell, whereas Microsoft is just charging money for the privilege of playing a used game on their system. And now the rumor is that if I borrow a disk from a friend, I would have to pay the full price for it. That's terrible.

I don't know... there just isn't enough information out about it yet.