Xbox One to indie games: You're not special anymore

Title Xbox One to indie games: You're not special anymore
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When May 22, 2013

Microsoft's new Xbox One console will not differentiate between indie, arcade, or big-budget games. According to an Eurogamer interview with Phil Harrison, there will be no special channels for indie games on the new console..

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I don't know about this system. So far everything that's been said about it is contrary to my interests as a person who enjoys discovering and playing different types of video games. I'm just not excited about television, sports, or Call of Duty.

This machine looks like it's made for and by dying giants, disregarding the feeble smallfolk who used to worship them. Every single piece of news seems to add on to the shitpile.

Short of MS pulling a rabbit out of their hat at the last minute, I can't see myself buying an Xbox this console generation. I just hope that Sony seizes on some of these things by marketing directly to the people Microsoft seems determined to abandon with the X1.

Sony has allowed self-publishing on PSN all along.

If MS announced that their Devkit would cost, say, twice as much as the console will, I might get interested in the console itself. That would tell me that MS is serious about attracting a wide variety of games into it's ecosystem. Likewise, if they show off a F2P MOBA at E3, I might get interested in the Xbox 1. I'm not sure I'd actually want to play such a beast-- but knowing one existed would tell me that they're open to the ways of doing things that have become rather standard over the past several years.

Instead, yesterday I saw an announcer for the best console of 2010. I'll take a pass.

Looks like you need a publisher or you don't get your game on the xbone.