XBox pad on PC

Anyone tried one of these adapters? I’m stuck on this EMU kick lately and I’m leary of buying any more flimsy PC gamepads. I came across the Liksang Smartjoy USB adapter, which seems neat, and at <$10, quite a bargain. Anyone tried this or something similar?

Yup works good. You could build your own but really you can get an adapter for under 10 bucks like you have.

I’ve got a non-Lik Sang model adapter and I use it with these drivers. Works like a charm.

If you are thinking about getting a 360, the wired controllers are USB and will work on PC. 'Course it’s a little cheaper to just go with the USB adapter. :wink:

I got this one earlier this week and with these drivers, and while admittedly, I don’t have a lot of playtime in with them yet, I haven’t had any problems with them. It connects at the breakaway plug rather than the console plug, so if you’re using a third party Xbox controller, make sure it has that breakaway section.

I’ve used the Radio Shack adapter for the PS2 controller for a while now and it works great. Never had a problem with it.

Holy shit, it never occurred to me this was something you could actually find at a store. To the Radio Shack!

Don’t get your hopes to far up. I’m pretty sure they stopped carrying it. Maybe six months before I decided I wanted one, I definitely saw one in Radio Shack. After I decided, nada. I checked pretty much every Radio Shack in town, and they all looked at me as if I asked for a flux capacitor. The game stores were pretty much the same story, at least they understood the question, but they still didn’t carry anything like it. I meant to try the office supply chains, but decided I had already wasted enough gas and was cheap enough.

Frys has them.

As I learned for the first time this weekend, Fry’s has everything I could ever want. Except women. :wink: