Xbox party games?

is the best place, easily, I’ve found for DDR gear. The “Ignition” pad they offer is the best soft pad I’ve tried, and while a little pricey ($99) well worth it if you do a lot of DDRing.

Hey, whatever, it’s a valid suggestion. Right tool for the job and all that. At it’s current price the Cube is an awesome party toy, even if you do suffer from the extreme mental illness that makes people not want to play Metroid and Zelda.

Anyway, good luck, Sten.

It’s not really a valid suggestion, though. The question/request was “good party games for the XBox”, and “Buy a GameCube” doesn’t qualify, unless the cost of the cube, 3 extra controllers (or, at least one. I assumed he had more then 2 controllers if he wanted party games), and the game is somehow less then $50 (the cost of a party game, at worst).

Sure, you were polite about it, and in the greater realm of “I want to play party games” the Cube is a better choice. No argument there.

But he didn’t ask what system he should have bought, he asked for games for the system he did buy.

To be fair a more accurate GameCube cost comparison would be to not include the cost for the extra controllers. It wasn’t mentioned if the X-Box had all the extra controllers yet and they cost roughly the same.

I have both consoles and the GameCube is superior for 4 player games.

On the other hand you can’t go wrong with that Log Spinning game in Kung Fu Chaos. The “knock people off the iceberg” is lots of fun as well.

Don’t knock Mike too hard, he did write his post while trying to keep from falling out of his chair laughing. :)

And Kung Fu Chaos now has a firm place on my list of games to get.

I have it on good authority that he did indeed fall out of his chair laughing. He was able to get back up and put the post in afterward… :D


Oh, speaking of controlers, what controlers should I buy?
Is there a convenient site comparing the various controllers?

If you’ve got the cash, I’d recommend the logitech wireless Xbox controllers. Very, very comfortable, and for party games the lack of wires really tidies things up. If it’s for occasional use, their low battery life should be okay, but the controllers themselves are about $40 CDN more expensive than the official Microsoft ones

You really can’t go wrong with the Controller-S. I’m partial to the original pad, myself - but not many people share my love. The Controller-S is just a dual shock with better sticks and triggers.

If it shares any resemblance to a dual shock at all, it’s a dual shock with two less shoulder buttons, plus very, very poorly placed start, back, black and white buttons
It’s more like a Dreamcast controller done properly, which makes sense since the Xbox controller 1.0 was a Dreamcast controller done badly.

edit: it’s a “back” button not “menu”

I chose the original pad because the sticks, especially the right-hand “mouse look” stick, seem a lot more responsive to the small movements that are necessary for aiming in an FPS. I still suck horribly.

The buttons on the PS2 controller feel so much better than the damn jellybeans on the original XBox pad, but it always feels like my thumbs are slipping off of those rounded analog sticks.

I just saw something odd on eBay: an air-conditioned xbox controller. It has a fan and a couple of slits in the handlebars where the air exits. The point is to avoid sweaty hands.

If people are saying stuff like Fuzion Frenzy and Kung Fu Chaos, it would be a god-damn crime not to mention Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee. It’s basically a direct cross between Powerstone and Rampage with great use of the Godzilla license - authentic sound effects, and the monsters really do look like dudes in rubber suits.
It also has the best tail physics of any game ever.

I have the PS2 version of it. It’s absolutely awesome.

Thanks for the tip.
It seems real interesting as a party-game, although the cheese-factor seems off the scale. But, hey, it’s Godzilla, wat do I really expect? :)
I’ll check it out.