Xbox Service Contract: smart move or sucker play?

Okay. I posted this in the Hardware forum but nobody bit. Maybe I smell too bad or I’ve bagged my limit on advice requests. I’ve decided to move the question here to see if I get any takers.


I gotta say, it really gives you confidence in a new product when you open the box and the first thing you see is a brochure selling you insurance in case it breaks down. I’m usually against buying service contracts–let me rephrase that, I’m ALWAYS against buying service contracts, it makes me feel like I’m being bent over the sink, but sometimes I grit my teeth and buy them anyway (laptops)–because I believe the fuckers should have just made the product right the first time. Still, the reality is they don’t so they can sell you these stupid ass service contracts.

At any rate, what do you folks think here? I asked my pal Tom and he said not to bother, but to look to see if it has a Thompson drive first or something. But Tom gets everything for free so I wanted to ask around. I read that thread about drives failing and it has me thinking.

It costs $39.90 for two years (LESS THAN SEVEN CENTS A DAY!!!).

Ass monkeys.

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I’d skip it. You can probably talk them down to $40 on the phone when it breaks or maybe even less. If it goes, it might not be til year three anyway.

Save the money now and just hope for the best. Also, if it’s a new system, the likelihood of you getting a Thomson drive is near nil. The drives they use now are much better and apparently they’ve recently started using a higher quality Hitachi drive too.

Also… new Thomson drives on eBay go for about $30 or less shipped and you can replace it yourself if all else fails.


Dave’s got a point, the most likely failure is the DVD drive, and replacing them is not terribly expensive. I think I got a Thompson drive for about $40 shipped to revive a dead Xbox for the kids room. Samsung drives were going for easily twice that much. I figured I’d see just how good the Thompson drive was, since replacing it wouldn’t break the bank.

Thanks guys. I didn’t know how difficult installing a new drive would be if the need ever arose. Hopefully it won’t.

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