Xbox vs. GFWL -- Microsoft fails again

Today, DLC for Fallout 3 is half-price, down to 400MSP from 800MSP. I’ve been waiting for this for a while now, and so I eagerly logged into GFWL to spend some space-bucks.

Guess what?

The discount doesn’t apply to the PC content, Xbox only.

Way to encourage Windows gamers, Microsoft. ::rolleyes::

I hate GFWL with the fire of a thousand suns.

I’m pretty sure the only reason GFWL exists is so the achievement whores that like to compare their game achievements with those of their buddies can do that without having to always buy the 360 versions of the games.

Where was the outrage when GFWL had the sale on Batman: Arkham Asylum, while the console didn’t?

Anyone even shed a tear if GFWL were to go away tomorrow?

Steam seems decent enough for finding games and Gamespy, flawed though it is, is still around to pick up slack. Both far better alternatives and both seemingly healthy enough.

The only game I’ve used GFWL with is Dawn of War 2 and it seemed to work fine.

Shouldn’t you blame Bethesda for this outrage?

I’d shed a tear from GFWL, yeah. not because I love the existing bullshit, but because I want it to be awesome. I really, really do. Give me a 1=1 with the Xbox Live, don’t prevent me from getting software in the language I choose, and I’ll waste money on that like it was being replaced with bottlecaps. But god damn it, make it stop sucking

There are more than enough reasons to legitimately complain about GFW Live. Inconsistent deals like this isn’t really one of those reasons.

I would take GFWL, flawed as it is, over Gamespy in a fucking heartbeat. Besides, outside of a few slightly clunky multiplayer functions that I barely use (Dawn of War II is it) but can tolerate, GFWL has never done me any wrong but it does give me achievements and I like having them tied to my Live account gamerscore more than having game-by-game achievements on Steam.

This, really. GFWL’s frontend may be bloated and painful to navigate, but the multiplayer connectivity is fairly solid in my experience. I’ve never had an issue getting a multiplayer game going with DoW2 or SupCom 2, whereas Borderlands on PC still gives me trouble.

Speaking of DoWII… I just logged in, was told that my Live Gold membership had expired (it has), and was prevented from playing multiplayer. what the fuck? I thought GFWL wasn’t supposed to require a Gold membership to play multi anymore.

Now that to me would seem like a legitimate excuse to burn GFWL into the ground.

Asking you to pay to play online on the Xbox was bad enough, but understandable all things considered. Bringing this model to the PC though goes so far beyond ridiculous that it’s not even funny anymore.

Nevermind. Started it back up and it works now. Apparently some sort of glitch related to my having an Xbox Live account as well and not having signed into that on my Xbox since the expiration.

Seriously. Much as I dislike GFWL, it’s great for two things: the occasional sale, and the ability to burn through microsoft points which I haven’t used on my xbox.

GFWL has the worst patching system I have ever dealt with , trying to update :

Batman AA or Bioshock 2 , is like trying to do a root canal on myself.

GFWL is an abomination. I’m not normally a conspiracy guy, but it’s so bad–and Microsoft’s multiplayer implementation on the 360 is so good–that I’m half convinced that they really are trying to kill off PC gaming.

Was the sale on DLC purchased with MSP? If it was, it’s the same thing, and I’d have been pissed then, too.

The way I see this, DLC paid for with Microsoft Points should be priced regardless of platform. Unless I’m mistaken (which is entirely possible, even probable), platform agnostics was one of the bullet points when GFWL was launched.

I mean, my account is linked and the points are shared on PC and Xbox. Shouldn’t the pricing be the same?

I don’t really have a hate-on for GFWL; I don’t really care for it either way. I just think if that’s going to be the platform chosen for delivery and they’re going to share their space-buck currency, the pricing should be consistent particularly on promotions.

It’s terrible, the last Bioshock 2 patch that installed took upwards of 20 minutes for me. I couldn’t believe how slowly the bar was moving.

Does it use the same bandwidth limitation program as the 360? I mean it shouldn’t but I wouldn’t put anything past them at this point.

Well, it doesn’t show you any information whatsoever, just a progress bar. But it also doesn’t update out of the game, you have to stay in the game. So you have no idea when you can finally click on your taskbar after being alt+tabbed out of the game for the last hour letting it sit there.

It’s only mildly annoying to me but… still some pretty silly shit.