Xbox2: This looks real


I’m guessing this is fake. The Power970 is a four-way CPU, not 3 as someone says in the thread, and I don’t believe that IBM would be making the CPU for the Xbox2. Isn’t IBM already involved with one of the other manufacturers of consoles? Nintendo? They were involved with Nintendo on the Gamecube… Dunno. I guess time will tell.

IBM is working on the next XBox. They were working on GC2, but I don’t know if that’s true anymore.

IBM is working on both systems. ATI is also working on both GC2 and XboxNext. Where I got this link from all but confirmed to me this is the real deal.


While the text resolution looks awesome, I’m not sure I wanna go back to 2-bit graphics.

Odd… you would think that would be a possible conflict of interest for both ATI & IBM…

Hey, that’s MS and Nintendo’s problem. :)

not to mention the ps3 is also being co-developed by ibm …

conflict of interest for everyone! wee!

Hey, that’s MS and Nintendo’s problem. :)[/quote]

There’s been speculation that the systems will be compatible, with MS selling a more capable, feature rich platform and Nintendo selling a cut down games only system. Like one thing someone suggested in the Beyond3D forum was that the Xbox 2 version would be HD capapble, while the Nintendo version could only play games in NTSC or 480p. It would simplify things from an engineering perspective for both IBM and ATI. It would also give MS Nintendo games which would be a huge turn of events.