Xbox360 Lawsuit filed

Publicity MS doesn’t want. My wife told me that she gave up on getting me an X360 for Christmas not because they were hard to find, but because she heard that there were a lot of defective units.

Building mindshare, indeed.

Imagine that, a guy who wants a lot of money going after a big company. I plan to sue sony around the time the PS3 comes out.

Wait, honestly, you guys really think that this is the first console that has ever had a defective unit? I know a few people that have 360s and not a single problem.

This isn’t about reality, it’s about perception. My wife is about as far out of the gaming loop as you can get without being in a nursing home, and what she knows about the X360 is that it’s having problems with heat. Damn well wasn’t me that told her, I’ll still get one eventually.

When I get a defective product I usually take it back and get my money back, not sue the manufacturer.

People have this skewed opinion that most hardware is 100% problem free. But I’m pretty sure the average hardware failure rate out of the box is probably closer to 5% than the <1% the xbox is purported to have.

I’m not a violent man, but I’d really like to beat up people who sue because they bought a defective piece of electronics.

me too. I mean, I understand being pissed off, but I usually take it back or call their support.

That guy is an idiot. You return it and you get a new one. He must have the Uniform Commercial Code confused with Product Liability. Class action my ass, this man is some Tobacco Lobby plant.

The funny thing is, the guy may have a point with respect to the hot power supplies, but I guarantee you that MS has covered their asses with stickers and papers screaming “READ THE USER GUIDE BEFORE INSTALLATION”, and I’m sure that their docs say to keep the power supply ventilated.

So, yeah. I hope this guy likes losing.

suing IS bs, but he cant exactly return it for a new one, there arent any.

To those of you who think this is frivolous, remember Sony’s settlement earlier this year about defective disc drives in the early PS2’s? A class action regarding a defective product line is not unprecedented.

What is unprecedented, I think, is filing suit while every last one of the damn things are still in warranty.