Xbox360: questions about live and communication

Is it possible to take your gamertag to a friends house and sign in there? I know with the past system you could not. Also, if I have a guest sign on the 360 can he use a headset to talk? With the xbox only the live account user could talk and the guest could not even with another headset.

Yes, you can move your Live account to a memory card and sign in on a different 360. (I can swear I did this on the first Xbox as well.) I’m not sure about the guest stuff.

From my experience only people with gold accounts can use the headsets. This may be game dependent however.

I know that Moriarty couldn’t talk with a mic until she got a gold account in GRAW.

Gold is a requirement to get a profile online in a game. Some games allow for guests of a profile to play online in split-screen. I don’t know of a game that allows guests to use a headset.

Basically the best way is to have a memory card and move your profile.

I know you could do this on the original Xbox, too (you’d need to enter all your info, but it would attach your account to the new Xbox, and then when you attached it back to your old Xbox it would detach it from the new Xbox). Sad to say we rented xboxes for a LAN party one weekend and spent hours downloading patches onto each box so we could play against one another.

Oh, those were the days…

I haven’t done it on the 360 yet, but I’d imagine it’s still possible. The memory card seems much easier, though.

With the original Xbox, you didn’t need to enter any of your info. We transfer accounts between Xboxes all the time. Some of my friends even exchanged Xboxes with others so that they could mod theirs, and then got new Xboxes. We never had to enter our Xbox live account info again, just always used a memory card to transfer our live account and our Halo/Halo 2 profile.

As for the 360: When I sign in at my friend’s place, I need to enter my gamertag, email and password. Then it downloads my profile to that account. When I went to Milwaukee to visit my brother, I did the same thing on his 360. When I went to Alabama, I did the same thing on another brother’s 360 there. And when I came back to Seattle, I had to do the same thing on my friend’s 360 again. Apparently the account can only be “active” in one place, which is a shame.

I liked the old Xbox system better. With the new system, it means that every time I sign on at my friend’s place, and then sign on at home, it has to download my profile from Xbox Live servers again. And the more games I play, the longer this process takes. My profile is now bloated to something like 30MB, so it takes a while to download, and its annoying to have to enter my email and password every time too.

On the old xbox you couldn’t turn around and redownload all your arcade games, video downloads and game add ons afterwards though.

I think the “Active on only one system” thing is going to go away. When they get Live Anywhere going, you’re going to need to be logged in on your Xbox, PC, and cell phone potentially all at the same time. They’re going to separate “login” and devices from “presence.” I’m not sure exactly HOW, but I asked them point-blank about this at E3 and they said that’s exactly what they’re doing.