XCOM 2 - The QT3 Game

Woohoo! My first kill. Nice bar screen too. This game does atmosphere so well :)

Is it too late to enlist?



Ok put me in coach. At the very least I can be Chosen bait!

Name: Joshua “roguefrog” Ozawa
Country: Japan
Color: Navy Blue or Black
Accessory: Sunglasses

Defend the Avenger

Team Members -
Captain ITSATRAP - Skirmisher
Major EASYTARGET - Specialist
Major BUTCHIE - Specialist
Captain HAZY - Ranger
Captain HALLOWEEN - Sniper
Magus SNOWTROOPER - Psi Operative

The Avenger has been shot down! Good thing I completely upgraded and staffed the Defense Matrix. The best way to handle this mission is to use a Reaper to scout the Disrupter and have a Sniper snipe it with Squad Sight. Of course, FREAKCHAUD is on a covert op and unavailable. So this mission is going to be harder than it normally is.

The first pod is an Andromedon, a Heavy Mec, and an Elite Lancer. There’s a building right at the bottom of the Avenger ramp, which provides cover… but renders the turrets almost useless. HALLOWEEN hits the Heavy Mec for 10 DAM, his Hair Trigger activates, then hits it for another 11. It drops. EASYTARGET grazes the Lancer for 3 DAM. HAZY uses Run and Gun to get close to and flank the Lancer and drops it with his shotgun. ITSATRAP, on the roof of the building, moves closer to the edge behind Half Cover and tosses his grenade at the Andromedon. The Andromedon is taking cover behind a car, which also explodes. The Andromedon’s armor is shredded and it takes 7 DAM. BUTCHIE fires on the Andromedon, but misses. SNOWTROOPER uses Inspire on EASYTARGET. She takes another shot at the Andromedon but misses.

PALINROX has entered the battle. The Andromedon charges up to the group, but does not attack. Two new pods aggro. One with a Heavy Mec and an Elite Purifier, and another with an Elite Officer, Elite Lancer, and Elite Purifier. The Turrets manage to destroy the Heavy Mec and the first life of the Andromedon. HALLOWEEN fires on the Officer and CRITS him with his Talon rounds for 14 DAM. His Hair Trigger activates and he uses his free reload. He drops the Officer. EASYTARGET and BUTCHIE combine to take out the Andromedon husk. HAZY shoots a Purifier for 5 DAM. PALINROX hits a different Purifier for 7 DAM and ITSATRAP is able to finish it off. The Purifier fires on ITSATRAP, missing, but destroying his cover. The Lancer charges forward, but on the opposite side of the building and gets nailed by a Turret in overwatch for 7 DAM. It’s exposed and the Turret finishes it off.

HALLOWEEN snipes the last Purifier and kills it. MOONSHOT has entered the battle. The team slowly makes their way toward the Disrupter. A reinforcement flare drops nearby and they set up an ambush.

The reinforcements are a Heavy Mec and a Lancer. The Lancer dies, but another pod aggros, an Archon and an Elite Spectre. The Archon also dies to overwatch. BUTCHIE nails the Heavy Mec for 8 DAM. ITSATRAP tries using Justice on the Spectre, misses, but at least he destroys its cover. HALLOWEEN uses his second and final free reload and drops the Heavy Mec. His Hair Trigger activates and he relocates to the roof. EASYTARGET crits the Spectre for 11 DAM. PALINROX grazes it for 5 DAM, and ITSATRAP finishes it off.

DAFUQ has entered the battle. Another flare. It’s in a worse spot, but near the turrets. Five team members prepare an ambush along with two turrets, while another four move toward the Disrupter. The reinforcements are an Elite Priest and an Elite Lancer. They do not survive the ambush.

The other team moves near the Disrupter and aggros a pod of Chryssalids. They’re almost cute at this point. HALLOWEEN snipes one, but doesn’t quite kill it. SNOWTROOPER uses Null Lance and wounds the other two, but they’re still up. MOONSHOT uses Run and Gun to get a little closer to the Chryssalids and tosses a grenade, but they’re too far apart. He can only kill one.

The reinforcements are a Heavy Mec, an Elite Priest, and an Elite Lancer. The Priest drops but goes into Stasis. The Mec and Lancer survive unscathed. The last Chryssalid tries to take a piece of MOONSHOT, but he uses Bladestorm! But misses! But he’s Unstoppable, so it can’t hit him. MOONSHOT shoots the Disrupter for 8 DAM. It has 8 HP left. HAZY takes out the last Chryssalid. ITSATRAP destroys the Disrupter. It’s time to evac back to the Avenger. BUTCHIE hits the Mec for 8 DAM and causes it to shutdown for 2 turns. But there are more reinforcements coming in from the other side.

The reinforcements are a Heavy Mec and a Lancer. The Lancer does not survive overwatch. The Priest comes out of Stasis and runs, but SNOWTROOPER is able to take him out from overwatch. HALLOWEEN hits the new Mec for 8 DAM and a Turret is able to finish it off. DAFUQ melees the stunned Mec and destroys it.

The next set of reinforcements are a Heavy Mec, Elite Priest, and Elite Lancer. It’s very close to the ship, so the team is able to bring a lot of fire to bear. The Lancer dies and the Priest goes into Stasis. The Turrets finish off the Mec.

And again, the next set of reinforcements are a Heavy Mec, Elite Priest, and Elite Lancer. Again very close to the ship. The Lancer dies and the Priest goes into Stasis. The prior Priest, however, is back up and tries to Mind Control SNOWTROOPER, which is futile, but now the team has to waste time eliminating it. BUTCHIE hits it for 14 DAM, killing it. ITSATRAP drops the Mec.

And again, another Heavy Mec, Elite Priest, and Elite Lancer. Again very close to the ship. But this time it’s different, too many people moved toward the evac and the entire pod lives. The prior Priest puts EASYTARGET in Stasis. This was our turn to evac… guess it’s not, now. SNOWTROOPER moves to the evac point and uses Soulfire on the Priest that put EASYTARGET in Stasis, killing it. A turret kills the Lancer and takes the Mec out of overwatch. MOONSHOT retreats closer to the evac and destroys the Mec.

Everyone is on the evac or close to it, with only EASYTARGET a short distance away, but she can make it in one move. More reinforcements, more of the same. But the fucking Priest that survived the prior round puts EASYTARGET in Stasis again. The Turrets drop the Mec and the Lancer, and HALLOWEEN puts the new Priest into Stasis when he drops it.

One Priest tries to Mind Control EASYTARGET but fails, then the next puts her in Stasis. I’m loosing track. SNOWTROOPER goes out to rescue EASYTARGET with his Solace and BUTCHIE puts Aid Protcol on him. At last EASYTARGET can’t be put in Stasis, so a Priest runs up and shoots her for 6 DAM. I’ll take it. It’s the only wound in an otherwise Flawless Victory. Everyone evacs.

37 total enemies killed.


HALLOWEEN, ITSATRAP, and HAZY are all promoted to Major. DAFUQ is promoted to Captain

Since some operatives had to enter combat already Tired, several are now Shaken. There were a few negative traits acquired as well.

??? Don’t Lancers hit you when you try to do that, like Beserkers do?

Last on the field, and letting others do the work… so very on brand, as the kids say.

I am surprised there haven’t been more deaths at this point. We have a good commander!

No, only Mutons do that.

I just realized this is a terrible pic. HAZY is shooting through BUTCHIE, and HALLOWEEN’s sniper rifle is going through ITSATRAP’s chest.

Hey, watch where you point that thing! Fortunately, it’s nothing a few hours lounging at the break room can’t fix.

Reporting for service

  1. Wayne, “Moko”, Shelford
  2. Since there’s no NZ option um Japan?
  3. Roll the die dammit - but must have Maori 3 facepaint
  4. Male

“I did it, Ma! I’ll finally be able to cover the rent! Oh, no - it’s totally a safe job. Just … um … meeting new people, showing them how to use equipment. Nothing to worry about.”

Sabotage Transmitter

Team Members -
Lieutenant HEARTBREAK - Grenadier
Major EASYTARGET - Specialist
Captain MVP2019 - Templar
Captain FREAKCHAUD - Reaper
Corporal O’Malley - Ranger
Sergeant TGB - Sniper

It’s a Ruined Subway map. The first pod is an Elite Priest and two Elite Troopers. The pod wanders toward the concealed squad while they wait to ambush in overwatch. The pod aggros and both Troopers are dropped. The Priest, instead of taking cover, fires on an exposed TGB and hits for 8 DAM. O’Malley nails it for 13 DAM and HEARTBREAK finishes it off. EASYTARGET heals TGB for 5 HP.

The second pod aggros, an Elite Officer and two Elite Troopers. FREAKCHAUD, still in Concealment, moves up and tosses his Claymore at their feet. O’Malley moves up to Full Cover and shoots the Claymore, hitting each of them for 8 DAM. HEARTBREAK drops one Trooper from extreme range. Due to the map layout no one else is able to get a shot off on the pod. MVP2019 runs up and melees the Officer for 8 DAM, killing it. He Parries. EASYTARGET does a full movement, which puts her into overwatch due to Ever Vigilant. When the Trooper makes a run for it, she nails it for 15 DAM, dropping it. The reinforcements flare drops nearby and the team sets up an ambush.

The reinforcements are two Elite Lancers and a Heavy Mec. The Lancers do not survive the ambush. EASYTARGET hits the Mec for 7 DAM, removing its overwatch. Can O’Malley drop it from range and score a much-needed kill? No, she misses. Zombstein says, “Uhhhh,” then nails it for 12 DAM. “Dropped… it…” he mumbles.

FREAKCHAUD scouts the final pod, two Elite Troopers with a Gatekeeper, also known as SNOWTROOPER’s shiny new upgraded Psi Amp! The team gets into position to bring full firepower on the Gatekeeper. HEARTBREAK moves up a bit and aggros the pod, and Gatekeeper obliges by moving into a better position. He doesn’t have a shot so he fires a grenade, shredding some of the Gatekeeper’s armor. FREAKCHAUD is the only member of the team unable to hit the Gatekeeper, so he takes aim at one of the Troopers… and misses. It reveals him. TGB uses Quickdraw first and then shoots the Gatekeeper with his sniper rifle. Both shots hit for a total of 10 DAM. MVP2019 runs in and finishes it off with a melee strike. He Parries. EASYTARGET moves up to the position MVP2019 was formerly in and drops a Trooper. The remaining Trooper, unfortunately, tosses a grenade and wounds O’Malley and EASYTARGET for 3-4 DAM each. MVP2019 finishes it off. O’Malley sets the charges and we’re done. Victory.


O’Malley is promoted to Sergeant, MVP2019 is promoted to Major, FREAKCHAUD is promoted to Major, TGB is promoted to Lieutenant.

Yeah! Pour one out boyos!

All gave some, some gave all.

Honoring the O’Malley name by letting others do the work.

And yet…

Stop the ADVENT Retaliation

Team Members -
Lieutenant HEARTBREAK - Grenadier
Major HALLOWEEN - Sniper
Major MVP2019 - Templar
Sergeant SESAME - Grenadier
Lieutenant GUAP - Specialist
Sergeant O’MALLEY - Ranger

The team is now mostly rested and recovered from Mission 29, OPERATION STORM FIST, but is now working on clearing the negative traits that were acquired (due to being forced to fight while tired) and preparing for their next assault. But it would seem ADVENT has other plans. Commander Balasarius is slacking and his dreams of getting his Exquisite Timing achievement are a distant memory, so XCOM has seen just about everything the ADVENT can throw at them by this point.

First pod is two Mutons and a Berserker, aggrod at a bad time. EASYTARGET drops the first Muton. The Chosen Assassin has arrived. She’s weak against Templars and “close range attacks,” so, that might be good. The Berserker charges toward O’MALLEY, but takes 15 DAM in overwatch hits before he she gets there. She roars in O’MALLEY’s face, ineffectively. The Muton, of course, tosses a highly effective grenade, wounding HALLOWEEN, HEARTBREAK, and EASYTARGET for 1-5 DAM each. johnolivercool.gif. O’MALLEY drops the Berserker. HALLOWEEN moves to some Low Cover and wounds the Muton for 8 DAM with his pistol just so SESAME can finish it off with her chaingun. GAUP moves to half cover and heals herself for 5 HP.

The Assassin melees O’MALLEY for 8 DAM and summons three Elite Troopers. Two drop to overwatch, but one does not. O’MALLEY is dazed. HEARTBREAK gets O’MALLEY up, but she’s still disoriented. O’MALLEY drops the last Trooper. The Assassin is Concealed. GUAP heals O’MALLEY for 5 HP. HALLOWEEN moves next to a civvie to free them… but nothing happens. Nice. The rest of the team finds cover or reloads. The Assassin re-appears and tosses a grenade that blinds MVP2019, SESAME, and O’MALLEY. Fortunately melee attacks are not affected, and MVP2019 runs up to her and melees her for an impressive 22 DAM. She teleports away, but still close. HEARTBREAK runs close and crits her with his Venom rounds for 19 DAM, poisoning her. She has 1 HP and teleports again. GUAP moves next to the civvie that blew off HALLOWEEN and the civvie responds and is freed. Maybe he only spoke Spanish.

A Faceless appears and the Assassin dies from the poison. A nearby pod aggros, an Elite Spectre, Elite Purifier, and Elite Lancer. Another pod is also close, an Elite Priest and Elite Shieldbearer. It’s not clear if they’ve aggro’d, yet. O’MALLEY moves to Full Cover and drops the Faceless. HALLOWEEN has to move to cover and cannot snipe. He uses Face Off and wounds the Spectre and Purifier. MVP2019 moves up and melees the Lancer for 8 DAM, but it’s still up. He Parries. Yup, that other pod with the Elite Priest and Shieldbearer are definitely aggro’d, now. This is not ideal. SESAME hits the Purifier, the least threatening enemy visible… for 7 DAM, leaving it with 1 HP. GUAP and HEARTBREAK don’t have a shot, so they go on overwatch.

Everything goes to shit. The Purifier throws and incendiary grenade at HALLOWEEN and O’MALLEY doing 5-6 DAM and catching them both on fire. The Lancer melees SESAME for 10 DAM, and then the Priest Mind Controls her. And the Shieldbearer shields everyone. Awesome. GUAP heals both HALLOWEEN and O’MALLEY for 5 HP, putting out their fires. O’MALLEY fires at the Lancer, but it’s still up with 4 HP. HALLOWEEN stays in the fire and uses Quickdraw to shoot his pistol at both the Lancer and the Purifier, killing them both. The odds are looking better, but the Priest is out of sight. HEARTBREAK moves up and finds the Priest, but he’s at extreme range behind Full Cover. He launches his grenade at it, destroying its cover and doing 5 DAM. It still has 13 HP. MVP2019 runs up and melees it for 8 DAM, leaving it with 5 HP. He Parries.

The Priests put MVP2019 in Stasis. The Shieldbearer shoots a civvie. The Spectre (remember the Spectre?) Shadowbounds HALLOWEEN. SESAME moves close and shoots a civvie.

GUAP uses Revival Protocol on… HALLOWEEN? Yes, it works and HALLOWEEN is up. But so is his evil clone? HALLOWEEN shoots the Spectre for 15 DAM. It has… 1 HP left. O’MALLEY runs up and melees the Shieldbearer, which has the added bonus of moving away from SESAME and revealing the Priest behind its cover. O’MALLEY does 7 DAM to the Shieldbearer. It has 4 HP left. The Priest has 5 HP… HEARTBREAK fires his grenade, hitting both. The Priest goes into Stasis and the Mind Control on Sesame ends. But, wait, the Shieldbearer still has 3 HP? WTF? It should be dead. It is on fire, at least.

SESAME moves up and and kills the Spectre which also kills HALLOWEEN’s clone. The Priest comes out of Stasis and Mind Controls MVP2019. The fucking Shieldbearer flanks O’MALLEY and kills her. It is on fire and has 1 HP left.

SESAME fires her grenade the Priest, killing it and freeing MVP2019. MVP2019 runs up and melees the Shieldbearer, and decides now, when it doesn’t matter, would be a nice time to crit for 12 DAM. It dies. A Faceless appears, but does it really matter? HALLOWEEN kills it after a couple of tries.


HEARTBREAK and GAUP are promoted to Captain, SESAME is prompted to Lieutenant.

RIP Sergeant O’Malley O’MALLEY O’Malley. 6 Kills, 3 Misssions.

Finally, Powered Armor is ours. No more fuckin’ around.

UP NEXT - The Chosen Hunter dies.