XCOM 2 - The QT3 Game

Alex “Chappers” Chapman
Navy blue/white

  • Dan “Dafuq” Theman
  • USA
  • Earth tones; greens, browns
  • male

Harvey “tgb” Bernstein
Tan and olive green

Jeff “easytarget” Russell
all black or black and grey
battle medic

Ok, here we go!

Hack the Hidden Resistance Computer. If you succeed you’ll win an Engineer!

Team Members -
Rookie Truculent
Rookie Chick
Squaddie Zappa - Sniper
Squaddie Au - Skirmisher

The first pod is a Sectoid and a ADVENT trooper. The squad goes into overwatch while Zappa lines up the sniper shot on the Sectoid and … HITS! The rest of the squad manages to finish off the pod with their overwatch!

Second pod is an ADVENT Officer and a Trooper. And Zappa takes out the Trooper like its nobody’s business. Skirmisher Au uses his grapple to get a flanking position on the Officer, takes aim with a ridiculously high chance to hit… and misses. Truculent tosses a grenade to wound the Officer and remove his cover. Chick takes aim with a ridiculously high chance to hit… and misses. But on the next turn Chick is able to flank the Officer and take him out!

Third pod is another Sectoid and Trooper… activated at a bad time. Truculent manages to wound the Sectoid in overwatch, but the Sectoid Mind Controls Au. Meanwhile the trooper wounds Zappa. Zappa moves up and is able to toss his grenade to take out the Sectoid and free Au. He has full cover against the Trooper. Chick wounds the trooper, can’t take him out, takes some fire, but finishes him on his next turn. Victory!

Edit - Left to right is Zappa, Truculent, Chick, and Au

Chick is promoted to a grenadier, Truculent to a ranger, and Zappa to Corporal but Gravely Wounded. Zappa and Au form a soldier bond. Aww, how cute. #nohomo Or maybe #homo, whatever.

Go Team!

Though I admit to being a little miffed that I spent so long on my Guile-hair and didn’t get a soldier bond. I feel like the good-hair portion of the team deserved that as much as the no-hair portion of the team. :D

Edit: Oh and best wishes for Zappa’s speedy recovery.

Gather Survivors from Abandoned City. Rewards are a scientist, some intel, and two squaddies.

Team Members -
Squaddie Truculent - Ranger
Squaddie Chick - Grenadier
Rookie Lufkin
Squaddie Au - Skirmisher

This is a Lost mission. Our first Lost mission, so there should be no ADVENT. Chick takes out the first Lost pair with ease. Oh look, seems Commander Balasarius was wrong… Squaddie Au walks right by a pod with a Sectoid and a Trooper. Truculent runs up the Sectoid to melee it, but it isn’t enough. Now he’s exposed. Lufkin flanks and takes out the Trooper. Au manages to finish off the Sectoid before it can move!

The second pod, also a Sectoid and Trooper, walks into range. Truculent one-shots the Sectoid with shotgun blast to the face! Chick flanks the Trooper and chainguns him down! Lufkin headshots a couple of Lost. Au hits a Lost but can’t finish it off. The Lost close in and wound Truculent. But now Truculent has them right where he wants them. Surrounded by 100% to-hit Lost, he clears out all six in the immediate vicinity.

Chick rescues a random Squaddie on the map. There are no visible enemies so the team starts to make for the extraction zone. We spot a lone Lost, but no one has a clean shot for it, so two team members have to go into overwatch and hope for the best. The lone Lost moves in, Au takes the shot… MISSES! But hits the explosive tank behind the Lost, killing it, and the new random Squaddie we found. The noise brings the Lost to bear. The team sucessfully evacs after rescuing the Scientist, suspiciously named… @Papageno. heh

So one of the squaddies we were supposed to rescue died and I didn’t find the other one. Alas.

(From left to right)
Lufkin is promoted to Squaddie (Specialist), Au is promoted to Corporal, Truculent is promoted to Corporal (and has Genius level intelligence!), and Chick, showing off dat ass, is promoted to Corporal.

Our first Retaliation mission! Aww shit, here we go again…

Team Members -
Corporal Truculent - Ranger
Corporal Zappa - Sniper
Squaddie Lufkin - Specialist
Corporal Au - Skirmisher

Our first pod is a Sectoid and a Trooper. Zappa takes out the Trooper with ease. Aaand our first Chosen has arrived. The Hunter. At least one of his weaknesses is Skirmishers!

Lufkin wounds the Sectoid while in overwatch and Truculent moves in for the melee kill. Truculent activates the second pod, an ADVENT Priest and a Trooper… and he’s exposed. He has to fall back. Zappa one-shots the Trooper. He’s getting rather good at this. The Priest puts Truculent in Stasis.

A faceless appears, and Au grapples up high to get a good vantage. He shoots it twice, but is unable to drop it, due to his lackluster weaponry. The Hunter prepares to snipe Zappa with Tracking Shot so he’s gotta move, which means he can’t return fire this turn. Lufkin manages to finish off the Faceless. Zappa CRITS and one-shots the Priest! I think (hope) that just leaves the Hunter and his 20HP.

Au get close to the Hunter to toss a grenade at it, and he’s got the ability that adds +2 DAM to grenades, so the Hunter takes 6 damage. The grenade also lowers the Hunters cover, and Lufkin is able to capitalize and hit him for another 4 damage! But the Hunter summons a Trooper and then grapples behind us… fortunately his shot is wide. Au plays the same game and grapples above the Hunter, then shoots him for another 4 damage. Unfortunately he can’t make a second shot this time, as he must reload. Truculent walks over and melees the Trooper to death and collects its loot. Two items! Thanks Hunter! Zappa flanks the Hunter and pistols it for 3. The Hunter has 3 HP left… and only Lufkin is left to move. If he moves to flank the Hunter he’ll be completely exposed. Can he hit it and finish it off?! His life may depend on it. Aaand… he does it! The Hunter is down, the mission is won. No casualties.

Lufkin - Truculent - Zappa - Au

Zappa is promoted to Sergeant and Lufkin is promoted to Corporal.

The bros Au and Zappa share a beer between missions while Russell tends bar.

Harvey Bernstein is promoted to Squaddie after doing a Covert Op. He’s a Sniper.

The Reapers have been found, along with @Hotfreak. I sent him and Zappa Halloween on Covert Op to find the Templars. Hot Freak will get a promotion out of it.

Recover Item from Resistance Haven

Guerrilla Tactics School is now online, so we can bring 5 Team Members.

Team Members -
Corporal Chick - Grenadier
Squaddie Bernstein - Sniper
Corporal Lufkin - Specialist
Corporal Au - Skirmisher
Rookie Chapman

It’s the ruined subway map this time. First pod is a Sectoid and an ADVENT Stun Lancer. Bernstein snipes the Sectoid while the rest of the team waits in overwatch. The Sectoid drops, but the team is unable to drop the Stun Lancer. He runs up and stabs Lufkin for 3 dam. But now he’s totally exposed. Au finishes him off easily.

The second Pod walks into range, a Sectoid and a Trooper. Au is in overwatch and wounds the Sectoid. Chapman flanks the Sectoid and takes it out. Chick grenades the Trooper, severely wounding it and removing its Full Cover. Bernstein moves up and Pistols it down.

The third pod walks into range, a Trooper and a Stun Lancer. Lufkin hacks the thingy remotely with his Gremlin but fails to get the bonus. Au tosses his grenade to wound the Stun Lancer, and Chapman takes a shot at it but is unable to hit. Chick and Bernstein also miss… but Lufkin with his final action manages to drop it. Bernstein is able to snipe and kill the final Trooper despite his Full Cover. Victory!

Chapman - Lufkin - Chick - Bernstein - Au

Chapman is promoted to grenadier, Lufkin is promoted to Sergeant and wounded for 6 days, and Au is also promoted to Sergeant.

Lufkin (now Butchie) and Chick form a bond!

Here’s Corporal @Hotfreak. I tried to make him as “sexxy” as I could without resorting to… those… mods.

(I can’t change his Nick until he’s a Sergeant.)

Templar Bob Kosc has also arrived. We now have one of each of the specialist units. Halloween was mildly wounded in the Covert Op.

If you don’t like how your char looks, I’ll be happy to customize them. Just be aware that due to the Law of XCOM they will almost certainly die the next mission. ;)

Yup, that’s me all over, doin’ the science!


  1. El, “Guap”, Guapo
  2. Mexican or American
  3. Red and White (if Medic) or Blue
  4. Pansexual

Medic Specialist, or whatever gap you need to fill. Eyepatch and cigar, if I survive a few missions.

Good luck!

Reporting for duty, in addition to being the team Templar, I will be providing snacks for everyone.

I have never been more engaged or invested in a forum thread! Great stuff!

I’ll join too if you need reinforcements at some point.

  1. MJ “Dutch” Greeny
  2. Dutch
  3. Orange ofcourse!
  4. Male, Templar (edit: or anything else, really)



Reinforcements arrive

Scott “Hazy” Sillhouette

No silly hats

(I like mods such as “Point Based Not Created Equal” which give weighted variation in starting stats, since it helps my roleplaying char development.)