XCOM 2 - The QT3 Game

Assault the Alien Fortress

Team Members -
Colonel PALINROX - Grenadier
Colonel HAZY - Ranger
Colonel EASYTARGET - Specialist
Colonel MVP2019 - Templar
Colonel HALLOWEEN - Sniper
Commander BALASARIUS - Avatar

Ladies. Gentlemen. XCOM. Tonight we take the fight to the Elders. Tonight we free humanity. I want you all to know that whatever happens in there, it’s been an honor to serve with you. Good luck to us all.

The team advances slowly under overwatch. A pod of four Mutons aggros and HALLOWEEN drops one from overwatch. The rest wisely remain hidden and out of sight. They advance on their turn. HALLOWEEN and EASYTARGET each drop one, leaving one Muton with 1 HP. It suppresses HAZY. HALLOWEEN finishes it off.

The team advances and MVP2019 aggros the second pod - a Gatekeeper and two Andromedons. An extremely challenging group. PALINROX uses Rupture on the Gatekeeper, critting it for 11 DAM and shredding its armor. HAZY in turn crits it for 20 DAM, killing it. One threat down. EASYTARGET hits the front Andromedon for 7 DAM. HALLOWEEN moves up and uses Quickdraw, but misses. He snipes it for 7 DAM. MVP2019 runs up and finishes it off, reducing it to its Shell. He Parries. SNOWTROOPER uses Null Lance on the Shell from extreme range and hits it for 14 DAM. BALASARIUS can’t get a shot off so goes into overwatch. The rear Andromedon advances and BALASARIUS hits it for 6 DAM. It melees MVP2019, but he Parries. The Shell also takes a swing at MVP2019, but it misses. HAZY repositions and hits the Andromedon for 7 DAM and shreds its armor. EASYTARGET finishes it off, reducing it to its Shell. SNOWTROOPER fires at the new Shell, misses, but clips it for 3 DAM. MVP2019 finishes off the first Shell. HALLOWEEN crits the new Shell, his Hair Trigger activates, and he finishes it off. The second pod is down.

The team advances slowly, always under full overwatch. A group of four Sectoids aggros. Two die to overwatch and the other two are easily mopped up.

A large group of 2 Heavy Mecs and 4 regular Mecs aggros. One Heavy Mec dies to overwatch. SNOWTROOPER uses Void Rift and hits the Heavy Mec and three regular Mecs for 3-4 DAM each. HAZY activates Reaper. He moves like the wind and slices the three wounded Mecs down and hits the Heavy Mec for another 8 DAM. HALLOWEEN hits the un-damaged Mec for 7 DAM and BALASARIUS finishes it off. MVP2019 finishes off the Heavy Mec. Pod down.

The team advances. HAZY aggros a pod with two Berserkers. He shoots one for 10 DAM, it roars as it becomes enraged. HAZY’s Hair Trigger activates and he shoots it again, critting it for 15 DAM and it dies. HAZY laughs. SNOWTROOPER, BALASARIUS, and PALINROX team up to drop the second.

A group of one Elite Lancer and three Heavy Lancers approaches their death. HALLOWEEN obliges a Heavy Lancer from overwatch. EASYTARGET flanks and drops another. The remaining two have Full Cover. BALASARIUS and SNOWTROOPER clip the Heavy Lancer for low damage. HALLOWEEN, with his 120 Aim and Talon rounds, crits and kills the Elite Lancer. The rest of the team goes into overwatch to drop the Heavy Lancer when he charges. Instead, another pod aggros. Two Sectopods and two Heavy Mecs. One Sectopod takes some mild damage from XCOM’s overwatch. The Lancer charges unabated. Unfortunately for it, it gets too close to HAZY, who Bladestorms it down.

BALASARIUS uses Dimensional Rift, hitting both Heavy Mecs and one of the Sectopods for 7-8 DAM. He then uses Null Lance, hitting both Sectopods for another 10-11 DAM. HAZY again activates Reaper and charges forth, dropping both Heavy Mecs. EASYTARGET fires on the first Sectopod with 11 HP left, doing 10 DAM. It has 1 HP left. PALINROX moves up and uses Rupture on the rear Sectopod and crits, doing 10 DAM and shredding its armor. His Hair Trigger activates and he fires on it again, dropping it. Its explosion deals the final damage to the first Sectopod, dropping it as well. All enemies are down. The way to the final chamber is open and XCOM is teleported inside.

The team assumes cover, and MVP2019 aggros the first Avatar with two Archon guards. HALLOWEEN is able to get a piece of it for 8 DAM. It teleports… next to HAZY. Unwise. HAZY Bladestorms it for 10 DAM. It teleports again, close. PALINROX flanks it and fires! He can only clip it for 1 DAM, but succeeds in stripping its armor. It teleports close again. EASYTARGET moves up and fires at it from around the corner, and drops it. The first Avatar is down. SNOWTROOPER Dominates one of the Archons. HALLOWEEN’s Hair Trigger activated and he uses Deadeye on the second, but it’s only a graze for 9 DAM. BALSARIUS shoots it for 10 DAM. HAZY crits it for 14 DAM, killing it.

That was the easy round.

Three Chryssalids and three Codexes teleport in. The Chryssalids are near, but the Codexes are on the other side of the map and out of sight. The Dominated Archon flies to the Codexes and uses Blazing Pinions on them, if for no other reason than to reveal them. EASYTARGET drops a Chryssalid and SNOWTROOPER shoots another for 9 DAM. HALLOWEEN tries a shot on a Codex at extreme range and can only clip it for 3 DAM. It Clones.

Avatar number two ports in with two Spectres and two Mutons. Three Vipers also port in. The Codexes focus on the Archon and show amazing accuracy and nearly kill it. The Archon’s Blazing Pinions go off clipping a couple of Codexes, which then Clone. There are a total of 13 active enemies. And they’re all on the other side of the map, which is both good and bad.

HALLOWEEN again tries another shot at a Codex at extreme range, but with better odds than last time… but again clips it for 3 DAM and it Clones. 14 Enemies. MVP2019 can shoot at a wounded Codex… but it’s a graze. It Clones. 15 Enemies. HAZY manages to drop its clone. 14 Enemies. Most of the others are just too far away… the team goes into overwatch.

The Codexes advance. One uses a Psionic Bomb affecting PALINROX, the Archon, and EASYTARGET. Several Codexes fire on MVP2019, but he has Full Cover and they miss. BALASARIUS uses Dimensional Rift and kills two wounded Codexes. HALLOWEEN drops a wounded Codex. MVP2019 fires on a Codex but it’s a graze and they Clone. BALASARIUS drops the clone.

A Codex wounds PALINROX for 3 DAM. A Viper spits poison on BALASARIUS. SNOWTROOPER drops a Codex from overwatch. Two Vipers try to grab MVP2019, but he Reflects it back, for no effect. Avatar number three ports in with two Heavy Mecs and two Vipers. But he’s close, which may be good… or bad. HALLOWEEN drops one of the new Vipers. MVP2019 uses Volt on one of the Vipers that grabbed him for 5 DAM… unfortunately it does not arc to the nearby Codex as he had hoped. PALINROX drops a Viper near MVP2019 and HAZY drops the nearby Codex. SNOWTROOPER drops the other Viper that arrived with Avatar Three. Avatar Three and the two Heavy Mecs are out of sight and not target-able. Avatar Two and his cohort seem content to chill out in the darkness. XCOM doesn’t dare approach.

PALINROX and MVP2019 both get grabbed by a Viper. Another group ports in, a Gatekeeper and two Archons. Avatar Three moves up and tries to Mind Control SNOWTROOPER, a feeble attempt. A Heavy Mec moves up and fires a grenade at the Dominated Archon, who’s taking cover nearby, but hits Avatar Three and the Gatekeeper. Avatar Three teleports further away into the darkness.

BALASARIUS kills the Viper holding MVP2019, and the Dominated Archon, now with 1 HP, flies over and hits the Viper holding PALINROX for 7 DAM, freeing PALINROX. PALINROX gets to cover and kills the Viper that grabbed him. HAZY uses Run and Gun and runs into the darkness to the general vicinity of Avatar Three. Avatar Three has full cover and HAZY takes the shot but can only clip it for 1 DAM. But it does teleport closer to XCOM. HALLOWEEN takes aim and crits Avatar Three for 12 DAM. It teleports even closer. EASYTARGET hits it for 9 DAM. It teleports near MVP2019, and MVP2019 moves close and melees Avatar Three dead. That just leaves SNOWTROOPER staring at a Gatekeeper, two Archons, and two Heavy Mecs. He uses his upgraded Void Rift ability on them, doing 8-12 DAM to each, leaving the Gatekeeper and one Archon panicked. 11 enemies remain up. MVP2019 Parries.

A Heavy Mec flanks HAZY and hits him for 7 DAM. An Archon moves to SNOWTROOPER and melees him for 7 DAM. The other Heavy Mec moves and fires its grenade at PALINROX and the Dominated Archon, killing the Archon and hitting PALINROX for 4 DAM.

Avatar Two makes his appearance, and a group of three Sectoids port in. PALINROX Ruptures and crits Avatar Two for 13 DAM, shredding its armor. It teleports away, but not too far.

Can you smell that?

Smells like victory.

HALLOWEEN has the shot and takes it. He hits and crits with hits Talon rounds for, well, I don’t know, but Avatar Two had 17 HP left and it’s dead, now.



These stats are funny, because they’re often wrong. I lost17 soldiers? Maybe if you count civvies in Retaliation missions. Love the negative numbers for the world. Also, I love that it shows that essentially the World is better than me. I reject that.


Well done commander.

Was an honor to virtually serve with you’ll…

Nicely done!

Thanks, @Balasarius. That was great following that as it unfolded. Although you might be too good at the game. After a while, it became clear the aliens didn’t stand a chance. Well, that’ll teach them to invade urf.


Hear hear! My death is avenged!

What is the “World” referring to?

Helluva job, Commander! Thanks so much for doing this. Was a blast to follow!

Yay! Though it seems I will be on that covert mission forever. Guess I’ll lay low in a hotel bar somewhere.

Quality writing throughout. Well done. Quite enjoyable.

Awesome! Thanks for making so many of us a part of this struggle for humanity.

I was the best at parrying compared to anyone on the entire team. :)

Fun game! Thanks @Balasarius

Thanks for participating guys, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sorry I could only bring six of you on the final mission.

I might do it again next year, but with some changes to make it more challenging.

Might as well just start with Legend difficulty!

Yeah, Ironman Legend is where the rubber meets the power armor.

I loved reading along! Thanks for doing this

Well played, and thanks for including us!

Yeah, I looked into Legend… and it’s not that it makes 1, 2, or 3 things harder… it makes everything harder. Enemies, number of enemies, their HP, scanning time, research time. It goes on and on.

It sounds really stressful. And Commander Ironman was stressful enough. I’ve had a sore neck for the last two weeks. There was the time my wife nagged me about something right after either PARADOX or O’MALLEY had died and I did not respond… diplomatically… so that was fun, too.

No, I’m not ready for the stress or frustration of Legend Ironman. And I doubt I ever will be.

Damn it woman, don’t you know this is a crisis!

I feel those feels :)

Well done. And I don’t blame you. When even a small mistake, such as simply clicking the wrong time, can cause a mission to go sideways, the ironman has enough stress without legendary.

Thanks so much Balasarius, this was a great play through and a ton of fun. Maybe there is a novel contract in your future? :D

Glad I was a psi guy too cool for school.

My kinda squad