XCOM 2: War of the Chosen's leaderboard may be the end of diplomacy

Who can snipe more snakemen? You, or the jerk in Alabama? We’ll find out on August 29th when War of the Chosen goes live.

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Okay, normally, I love this sort of thing, but in XCOM? Basically, chess puzzles with leaderboards? I’ve got better things to do with my XCOM time.

Puh-lease. Everyone knows the answer to that question*.


* just to be clear, the answer is me

Obviously @Jason_McMaster

Really looking forward to this DLC

Challenge fucking accepted.

Yeah, Tom doesn’t stand a chance

As another jerk in Alabama, I will be terrible at this. So it won’t be me. :)

As a reknowned save-scummer in these games, I’m out.

Hell, I probably replay more turns than are in a given combat in Tactics Ogre thanks to the rewind feature. I’m the worst.

shit, if i get this i’ll miss my plane to pax

God I can’t wait to play this. I need more XCOM in my life.

As do we all.

Reviews are trickling out. Seems like folks are liking it quite a lot based on the scores, but I haven’t read any of them yet.

RPS Based on the last paragraph, he loved it.
IGN 8.8
Game Informer 9.25
Eurogamer Recommended

Gamestar gave it a 8.9, and they are harsher than your IGNs and Game Informers.

That’s good news on the reviews because I ended up picking it up. Looking forward to playing it.

We don’t need no stinkin’ reviews. Seriously though. I can’t wait. The reviews will be read after I get the game.

If only I had the hours to spend on this… fml

Hope the wife likes MREs. I’m going to be busy starting tomorrow. :)

Jake Solomon’s answers indicate he’s a very thoughtful designer, and very hard on himself and his work (which is maybe why he’s good at it!). Very favourable impression.

I keep seeing references to other classes, SPARK for example, and researchable items like Viper (?) armor or something that seems to be from the existing expansions. I also note that WotC re-balances and accounts for said expansions if you have them. Should I get them? It sounds like it would just be more “stuff” to experience then? I don’t care about the story stuff being added, but I don’t want to have fewer cool things to research or play with (or fight).

EDIT - Firaxis may have answered my own question actually, reading a little further in the AMA @Fifth_Fret linked I see this:

With no story missions being added, owning the DLC and leaving the default “integrated dlc” option checked would just give me more content to experience, seems like. $20 extra is a lot, but if I’m going in on War of the Chosen, I may as well go all in.

I personally would say, if you can afford them, get them. Some people here didn’t like difficulty of the alien bosses but I loved them. I found that the Tower mission got repetitive, but I still played through it each game. I can’t help it. I’m an unrepentant fanboi.

You can still pick up the Reinforcement pack for $10 on Steam.