XCOM 2: War of the Chosen's leaderboard may be the end of diplomacy


Pre-WOTC, the rulers would sometimes (in my opinion, anyway) show up far too early and without warning, putting an early A-squad into an unwinnable situation.


I just avoided doing the associated missions until I got better equipment.


Robot expansion is worthless in this iteration. I have the proving grounds project to build him, but he was too expensive when I could have really used him and now he’ll be too weak to bother with. Really drags down the outliers when they aren’t revamped like the main classes. I’m building a psi lab but I don’t know how much i’ll use them when they get less skills than the average sharpshooter.


Spark was bad before too, it was just that if you did the (cool) scripted mission you got a freebie that was useful for a while. When you have to pay the absurd build cost and the almost as bad upgrade costs it’s not even close. I don’t know why they thought giving it weak hacking capabilities was going to make a difference.

Psi soldiers are still good, especially on higher difficulties where everything has more armor. Stasis, Domination, and Null Lance are worth having at least one of.


Domination is a game changer. Dominate a Gatekeeper or an Andromedon and have fun.


I made one that managed to drag a squad of rookies through a mission where I couldn’t bring anyone of high rank (which is… literally everyone at this point). But I’ve also pretty much maxed everything else. I have like 2 Magi and a ton of Colonels and Majors. The robots are definitely too expensive for what they are, though fully upgraded they’re passable.

And psi troopers are still crazy powerful. Sure they don’t get extra skills or whatever, but they’re still psi monsters that can easily turn fights single handedly. The other soldiers are just more on par with them now and possibly better if you’ve invested a lot in them.


Man, some of the stuff you get from killing the chosen and the rulers is quite cool. My sniper and ranger with the new gear and properly spent points are both absolute gods now.


My game is starting to get hard, and I barely am out of the tutorial. I was ‘contacting’ the rebels in the fourth zone, so you have a general idea of at what point I am in the campaign (and I gave priority to the contacts, as it seems the new income generator), and in a rescue vip mission I lost two soldiers (so 50% of my squad), and that was doing a few save reloads from my side. The enemies spawning infinitely and the sniper chosen complicated things.


My one ranger with the shotgun and katana is so good that I hate for him to rest. Nobody else is worthy of carrying his weapons.


On Commander difficulty + ironman: After losing Jeff Green in the first mission, I cruised through the next 3 missions getting 1 flawless and 2 excellent ratings. I was offered a guerrilla mission and took it. While on my last 2 enemies I lost 2 guys. Then I had the mission where the lost and a Chosen were introduced and I lost 1 more. I was getting kinda overconfident, but not anymore.


I warned you about Green. :)


Chosen weapons fuckin’ roxxor! I hope everything else isn’t a letdown after you kill them off. Just skulljacked an officer and got the codex, so still some game left to play. Well worth the full price of the expansion, to this point in the game, for me. Coming up on 500 total hours.


Yeah, the best things I’ve gotten in the game were dropped by the Chosen. The armor from the alien hunter dlc is not bad either.


Man, this game is hard. I understand it’s harder than Xcom2, which at the same time it was also a bit harder than Xcom1?
Enemies always more numerous than you, better equipped than you, the pressure of the objectives, the chosen participating, the advent special effects, the bullshit it already had from before (ok, enemy reinforcements… could at least appear on the border of the map and not on top of me thank you very much?!!)… it all combines in a big punch.

I think I’m going to ‘surrender’ and lower the difficulty.


The sniper rifle is a thing of beauty.


I just took out the female chosen, that was a fun mission. 4 wounded but no deaths.


Just finished another run through, this time playing the WOTC DLC, was a great time. The new content made Xcom 2 feel more complete to me. Really liked the chosen, never knew when they’d pop in and liven up a mission. Plus the factions were a fun addition too, helped flesh out the strategic side a little and given you a bit more to do there. As for the new classes, loved the reaper, not all that crazy about skirmish or templer, I used them both out of curiosity what they brought to the table, but I took neither of them on the final mission.


I lost 3 Templars before I got their shit leveled up. At lower levels they suck. Later they are pretty good. Their best use is against the Chosen that they do extra damage to.


Yeah, I mean I completely leveled mine up, burned a bunch of points on her to max out her abilities, she still left me a bit underwhelmed relative to my other class choices I have available on any given mission.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I had fun playing her, but if I had a do or die mission, say like the last one, I’m not taking a skirmisher or a templer with me (and I didn’t take either).

With only 6 slots I took a reaper, sniper, psi, support, heavy and ranger. I would not even consider trading any of those slots for a skirmisher or templer even if I’d burned a bunches of points and fleshed out their entire skill set (which btw I nearly did anyway as I had 300+ group points to burn before I went on the final mission).


I agree with all of this - such a good game. I didn’t choose to use the skirmisher very much, but when I did his grappling hook came in very handy many times. That mobility can be very helpful.